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An engineer is more of an academic designer than a jury-rigging mechanic. They consider the Outlaw Tech's work to be a sloppy imitation of real ingenuity, and can use their knowledge to create more solid and reliable designs. An engineer is much more of a team player, and many heroes find that an engineer helps them get out of scrapes by encouraging them to work together. Because they're familiar with coordinating teams, an engineer has the knowledge and resources to create all-new (And significantly improved) pieces of technology that function reliably under all conditions.

 Zabrak Engineer Statistics (CL 7) Edit

Medium Zabrak Noble 6/Scoundrel 1

Force Points: 5

Initiative: +9; Senses: Perception +10

Languages: Basic, Binary (Understand only), Bocce, High Galactic, Huttese, Mon Calamarian, Shyriiwook (Understand only), Sullustese, Zabrak

Defenses Edit

Reflex Defense: 21 (Flat-Footed: 20), Fortitude Defense: 18, Will Defense: 22

Hit Points: 37, Damage Threshold: 18

Offense Edit

Speed: 6 Squares

Melee: Unarmed +3 (1d4+2)

Ranged: Hold-Out Blaster Pistol +7 (3d4+3)

Base Attack Bonus: +4, Grab: +3

Special Actions: Coordinate, Inspire Haste, Tech Specialist, Wealth

Species Traits (Zabrak): Heightened Awareness

Base Stats Edit

Abilities: Strength 8, Dexterity 12, Constitution 10, Intelligence 16, Wisdom 14, Charisma 13

Talents: Coordinate, Inspire Haste, Trace, Wealth

Feats: Linguist, Skill Focus (Knowledge (Technology)), Skill Focus (Mechanics), Skill Focus (Use Computer), Skill Training (Mechanics), Tech Specialist, Weapon Focus (Pistols), Weapon Proficiency (Pistols), Weapon Proficiency (Simple Weapons)

Skills: Initiative +9, Knowledge (Galactic Lore) +11, Knowledge (Physical Sciences) +11, Knowledge (Technology) +16, Mechanics +16, Perception +10 (May reroll, may keep better result), Persuasion +9, Pilot +9, Use Computer +16 (+17 when using Datapad (Mastercraft) or Portable Computer (Mastercraft); may substitute for Gather Information checks)

Possessions: Hold-Out Blaster Pistol (Improved Accuracy), Comlink (Short-Range), Datapad (Mastercraft), Portable Computer (Mastercraft), Personal Holoprojector, Various personal belongings

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