Homebrew Reference Book: New Jedi Order Campaign Guide

Affiliations: The Yuuzhan Vong Empire

An experienced war veteran, these Yuuzhan Vong elites have learned to best apply their strengths for the glory of The Yuuzhan Vong Empire.

 Yuuzhan Vong Veteran Statistics (CL 8) Edit

Medium Yuuzhan Vong Soldier 8

Faith Points: 5; Dark Side Score: 6

Initiative: +10; Senses: Darkvision; Perception: +15

Languages: Yuuzhan Vong, 1 Unassigned

Defenses Edit

Reflex Defense: 24 (Flat-Footed: 21 (Flurry: 19)), Fortitude Defense: 26, Will Defense: 19; Tumble Defense

Hit Points: 86, Damage Threshold: 26

Immune: The Force, Stun effects

Offense Edit

Speed: 6 Squares

Melee: Amphistaff (Spear Form) +10 (2d8+13 (Amphistaff Poison)) with Rapid Strike

Melee: Amphistaff (Quarterstaff Form) +2 (1d6+13) and Amphistaff (Quarterstaff Form) +2 (1d6+13)

Melee: Amphistaff (Whip Form) +12 (1d4+13 (Amphistaff Poison))

Ranged: Amphistaff (Spit Ability) +11 (Amphistaff Poison)

Ranged: Thud Bug (4) +11 (2d8+6 or 2d8+6 (Stun))

Base Attack Bonus: +8, Grapple: +11 (Amphistaff (Whip Form))

Attack Options: Flurry, Rapid Strike

Special Actions: Shake It Off (Adren'allk)

Species Traits (Yuuzhan Vong): Force Immunity, Technophobic, Biotech Proficiency, Weapon Familiarity (Amphistaff)

Base Stats Edit

Abilities: Strength 16, Dexterity 14, Constitution 13, Intelligence 12, Wisdom 12, Charisma 10

Talents: Armored Defense, Improved Armored Defense, Melee Smash, Weapon Specialization (Simple Weapons)

Feats: Armor Proficiency (Light), Armor Proficiency (Medium), Flurry, Martial Arts I, Rapid Strike, Shake It Off, Skill Focus (Perception), Tumble Defense, Weapon Focus (Simple Weapons), Weapon Proficiency (Simple Weapons)

Skills: Endurance +10, Initiative +10, Perception +15, Treat Injury +10

Possessions: Amphistaff, Thud Bug (4), Adren'allk Bio-Implant, Dandil Bio-Implant, Enhanced Vision Bio-Implant, Vonduun Crabshell (+5 Reflex, +5 Fortitude)

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