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See also: General Equipment, Bio-Implants, Living Vehicle Template

The term "Biotech" is a new phrase used to describe the biological technology introduced by the Yuuzhan Vong. The term Biotech can be applied to devices, weapons, armor, and even Vehicles (See Living Vehicle Template), and it acts as a descriptor that indicates certain new rules mechanics. A Biotech object is defined as any object of distinct Yuuzhan Vong origin, such as Amphistaffs, Razor Bugs, Thud Bugs, and Vonduun Crabshell; additionally, any object with the Biotech Equipment Template (See below), any Vehicle with the Living Vehicle Template, and Bio-Implants are also always considered to be Biotech devices.

Biotech devices have the following special rules associated with them:

Biotech Equipment Template[edit | edit source]

Most Biotech devices created by the Yuuzhan Vong serve the same purposes as their mechanical or electronic counterparts. You can create new Biotech devices by applying the following template to standard technological devices, Armor, and Weapons. Once the template is applied, the new Biotech device may be used with the Biotech Feats and Talents. Note that certain Weapons and devices have no Biotech equivalent, including most Explosives, Exotic Weapons, and Lightsabers.

To turn a standard technological device into a Biotech device, apply the following modifications:

  • Cost: A Biotech device costs four times as much as it's technological equivalent. (For example, a Biotech Breath Mask costs 800 credits, whereas a normal Breath Mask costs 200 credits.)
  • Availability: Biotech devices are considered Rare across most of the galaxy. Biotech Weapons are normally Illegal in the Legacy era.
  • Armor: Armor with the Biotech template has its weight reduced by one-half. This does not change the Armor's type (Medium Armor remains Medium Armor, Heavy Armor remains Heavy Armor). Repairing a suit of "Living Armor" requires the Treat Injury Skill (See Biotech Repair).
  • Equipment: Most Equipment requires no special modifications. However, some Biotech devices may rely on natural power supplies or requires specialized training to use successfully. Such devices may be used without penalty by the Yuuzhan Vong and others with Biotech-related Feats and Talents. Those without such knowledge must apply a -5 penalty to any Skill Checks or attacks made when using unfamiliar Biotech devices.
  • Weapons: A Biotech Weapon derived from a Weapon that deals energy damage deals bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage instead; the type of damage is selected when the template is applied.
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