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Hunger Adventure Module created by Morrie Mullins (Converted by Wikia user Darthauthor).

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Preceded by Intervention

To some extent, the most important aspect of this adventure may be what happens after the official "Goal" has been met. There are times, though, when a hero has to go above and beyond the parameters of the mission, in order to do what is right. Doing what's right is not just its own reward, either. If the heroes did a particularly good job mediating the dispute, they may be rewarded with honorary positions among the Jon-Tow, Corsignis, or Pinett groups, and called upon at later dates. Deniv Corsignis, for example, is a good individual to have on one's side, and a group of smugglers as organized (If sometimes obstinate) as the Jon-Tow can be a real boon.

Whether the intervention of the heroes was combative or diplomatic, the Pinett Freedom Force is grateful for the assistance, and the people of Pinett are out of danger. The Jon-Tow and Corsignis groups come to an arrangement, and someone will make a decent living keeping track of the comings and goings of the two groups. The blockade is down, and the hunger- both the real, physical hunger of the citizens of Pinett, and the hunger for power on behalf of both the Jon-Tow and Corsignis groups- has abated. At least, for now...