Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Rebellion Era Campaign Guide

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Background Event

You lost a husband, a wife, or another close loved one. Though similar to the Orphaned Background, this Background can represent not only the death of a loved one but also the mysterious disappearance of that person. Perhaps your husband was executed by the local Moff for his Rebel sympathies, or perhaps your daughter was kidnapped by one of the Emperor's Dark Jedi and spirited away, never to be seen again. The event robbed you of a single loved one and might open the possibility that you are still searching for that person during your adventures.

As a result of your loss, you have learned to search diligently, either for those responsible for the death of your loved one or for those who might know his or her current whereabouts. You can Take 20 on Gather Information checks, but it takes 20 times as long as normal to gain the information.

Relevant Skills: Gather Information, Knowledge (Galactic Lore), and Use Computer

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