Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Jedi Academy Training Manual

The White Current guides The Fallanassi to use its power to benefit everything and everyone around them, as well as to protect themselves. Those who succeed in channeling the White Current often display powers with surprising effects. You must be a member of The Fallanassi Force Tradition to select any of the Talents described below.

Force Immersion Edit

Prerequisites: White Current Adept Talent, Trained in Stealth

You can use the Sneak application of the Stealth Skill to hide from electronic surveillance and sensors. Any opponent attempting to detect you with sensors or electronic surveillance must beat your Stealth check with a Use Computer check. You need only roll a single Stealth check to avoid both electronic notice and notice by conventional means, using the same result as the DC for both Perception checks and Use Computer checks made to detect you.

Immerse Another Edit

Prerequisites: White Current Adept Talent, Trained in Stealth

Whenever you make a Stealth check to Sneak, you can use your check result is place of one adjacent ally's Stealth check to Sneak (Additionally, if you have the Force Immersion Talent, that Talent applies to the designated ally as well). Similarly, you can use your Use the Force check result in the place of an adjacent ally's Use the Force check result to avoid detection by the Sense Force application of the Skill. You can spend a Force Point to have this ability apply to all adjacent allies instead of just one.

Ride the Current Edit

As a Reaction to being damaged by an attack or Force Power, you can spend a Force Point to gain Total Concealment from all targets until the end of your next turn. Additionally, if you have not yet taken your Second Wind, you can do so immediately as part of this Reaction.

Surrender to the Current Edit

As a Swift Action, you can choose to surrender to the White Current and allow it to flow around you and fuel your Force Powers. Until the end of the encounter, you cannot use Force Powers that do not have "You" as the sole target. However, once per turn as a Swift Action, you can recover one spent Force Power that has "You" as the sole target without spending a Force Point, adding that Force Power back to your Force Power Suite.

White Current Adept Edit

You can make a Use the Force check in place of a Stealth check. You are considered Trained in the Stealth Skill. If you are entitled to a Stealth check reroll, you can reroll your Use the Force check instead (Subject to the same circumstances and limitations).

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