Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Scum and Villainy

Upgrade Type: Armor Upgrade

Standard 1000 1 Restricted
Concealed 3000 1 Restricted

Armors can add any Equipment using the Integrated Equipment Upgrade, but dedicated Weapon Mounts allow Weapons to be added more efficiently. The number of Weapon Mounts gained for each Upgrade Slot spent is proportional to the type of Armor Upgraded; Light Armor gains 2 Weapon Mounts, Medium Armor gains 3 Weapon Mounts, and Heavy Armor gains 4 Weapon Mounts.

A two-handed Weapon requires 2 Weapon Mounts, a one-handed Weapon requires 1 Weapon Mounts, and a light Weapon requires only half of a Weapon Mount. You must be proficient with both the Weapon and the Armor on which it is mounted to be considered proficient with a Mounted Weapon. (Any Weapon described as gloves or gauntlets, such as Combat Gloves, can be worn with Armor without a Weapon Mount, but only one such Weapon can be worn at a time.)

This Upgrade does not include the cost of the Weapons to be mounted. Such Weapons are designed only for mount use, and can't be fired as hand-held Weapons. It takes 10 minutes and a DC 10 Mechanics check to change Weapons in a Weapon Mount. A Mounted Weapon cannot be Disarmed, and it need not be drawn to be used. Weapons in mounts are obvious unless the Weapon Mount is Concealed, in which case it takes a DC 25 Perception check to notice the Weapon when not in use. A Mounted Weapon does not gain any benefit from the Armor if the Weapon takes damage.

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