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A Weapon Battery is a cluster of up to six identical weapons. If a Starship has Weapon Batteries, special rules apply when a Gunner Aids Another Gunner in the same Weapon Battery. First, the Aiding Gunner automatically gains a +2 bonus on the attack roll; no attack roll is required to determine whether the the Aid Another attempt is successful. Second, for every three points by which the attack roll exceeds the target's Reflex Defense, the target is hit by another Weapon in the Battery, adding +1 die to the weapon's Damage. (Apply this extra Damage before applying the weapon's Damage Multiplier, if any.) If a Starship has Weapon Batteries, it's statistics include the modified attack bonus because these weapons are are usually fired as a group. However, the weapons may still fire independently without the bonus, if you wish.

In addition, a Weapon Battery can also Aid Another Weapon Battery. In this case, only one Gunner in the Aiding Battery needs to make an attack roll against a Reflex Defense of 10. If successful, add a +2 bonus on the attack roll for every weapon in the Aided Battery. Unlike weapons in the same Battery, there is no chance that these extra weapons hit the target, regardless of how much the attack roll exceeds the target's Reflex Defense.

Additional Weapon Batteries Edit

Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Starships of the Galaxy

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Capital Ships should use Weapon Batteries to keep things moving along- no one wants to make attack rolls for the dozens of weapons on a Star Destroyer. There are two ways you can use Weapon Batteries:

Narrow Salvo Edit

This method, the default use of a Weapon Battery (As described above), is ideal for Capital Ships that are attacking other Capital Ships and Space Stations because it brackets the target while concentrating fire, dealing significant damage to targets that have a high Shield Rating or Damage Reduction.

Proximity Spread Edit

Instead of trying to land multiple hits, a Weapon Battery can spread it's fire in a way that maximises the chance that one will hit (Ideal for attacking Starfighters). A Proximity Spread is resolved as an Area Attack, but it affects only 1 Starship Scale square on the battle grid. As with Autofire, the Weapon Battery takes a -5 penalty on it's attack roll.

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