Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Unknown Regions

Warriors draw upon their natural aggressiveness, powerful bodies, and fighting abilities to defeat their enemies. Whether they fight with primitive or advanced weaponry, they are fearsome combatants.

Champion[edit | edit source]

Prerequisites: Warrior's Awareness, Warrior's Determination

You fight for protection, honor, or glory for yourself and others. You can use each of the following Actions once per encounter:

  • Champion's Pride: Your pride and dedication drives you on in the most difficult moments. When you use your Second Wind, you move + 1 step on the Condition Track and remove one Fear effect or Mind-Affecting effect in addition to the normal benefit of Second Wind.
  • Disarming Hit: When you hit and damage a creature and that damage equals or exceeds the target's Damage Threshold, you can make a Disarm attack against that target as a Free Action. If using a ranged Weapon, you must also have the Ranged Disarm Talent.
  • Masterful Strike: You land an impressive blow against your enemy. When making a successful Unarmed or melee attack (Except when using a Lightsaber), increase your damage by 2 points for every 5 points by which your attack roll exceeds your target's Reflex Defense.

Quick Study[edit | edit source]

Prerequisite: Warrior's Awareness

You excel at turning an enemy's tricks against it. Once per encounter, if an enemy attacks you using a non-Force Talent, you can use the same Talent against it on your next turn. You must use an appropriate Weapon or item, if required by the Talent, although you do not have to have the prerequisites. You can take this Action even if your enemy's attack misses you.

Simple Opportunity[edit | edit source]

Prerequisite: Weapon Proficiency (Simple Weapons)

You can make Attacks of Opportunity when using a Simple Weapon (Ranged) against a single target. Grenades, as well as other Area Attack Simple Weapons, can not be used with this Talent. 

Warrior's Awareness[edit | edit source]

You learn your enemy's preferred tactics quickly. When an enemy character makes a melee attack against you for at least the second time in an encounter, make a Perception check as a Reaction. If the check is successful, you gain a +1 bonus to your Reflex Defense and Fortitude Defense against that character until the end of the encounter.

You can use this against only one character at a time, until that character is incapacitated or killed, or until you voluntarily switch targets by dropping the use of this Talent for one full round (You can take other Actions normally).

Warrior's Determination[edit | edit source]

Your natural determination carries you through tough battles. Once per encounter, as a Reaction, you can ignore one non Force-related effect, Talent, Skill, or ability that exceeds your Will Defense. If you spend a Force Point, you can ignore one Mind-Affecting effect, even if it is the result of a Force Power, Force Technique, or Force Secret.

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