Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Jedi Academy Training Manual

Wardens of the Sky use a combination of martial arts and Force Powers to help keep the space lanes safe. As a Warden of the Sky, you rely on nothing more than your own body to serve as a weapon against predators. You must be a member of The Wardens of the Sky Force Tradition to select any of the Talents described below.

Brutal Unarmed Strike Edit

Prerequisite: Telekinetic Strike

Whenever you roll the damage for an Unarmed attack, you reroll any dice that come up with a result of 1.

Martial Resurgence Edit

You recover all spent Force Powers, adding them to your Force Power Suite again, whenever you roll a Natural 20 on an Unarmed attack.

Rebound Leap Edit

Whenever you reduce an opponent to 0 Hit Points with an Unarmed attack, you can make a Jump check as a Free Action, moving a distance as determined by the results of your Jump check. You can use the Surge Force Power as normal to enhance this Jump check, increasing the distance you move.

Simultaneous Strike Edit

Prerequisite: Base Attack Bonus +5

As a Standard Action, you can make two Unarmed attacks, each against different targets.

Telekinetic Strike Edit

Whenever you make a successful Unarmed attack, you can add the result of a Force Point roll to the damage roll instead of the attack roll.

Telekinetic Throw Edit

Prerequisite: Throw

Whenever you successfully use the Throw Feat, your opponent falls Prone in any space you desire up to 3 squares beyond your reach.

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