Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Galaxy at War

You have been from one side of the galaxy to the other and have fought on more planets than most people visit in a lifetime.

Battlefield Remedy Edit

Prerequisite: Trained in Treat Injury

You have learned a variety of different ways to treat combat injuries in the field. When you succeed on a Treat Injury check to administer First Aid, the tended creature also moves +1 step on the Condition Track.

Grizzled Warrior Edit

Prerequisites: Seen It All, Tested in Battle

You can draw upon your extensive battlefield experience to encourage your comrades and drive your enemies before you. You can use each of the following Actions once per encounter as a Standard Action:

  • Defy the Odds: Make a single melee or ranged attack. You immediately gain a number of bonus Hit Points equal to your Constitution score.
  • Double the Pain: When you use the Aid Another Action to provide an ally within 6 squares of you a bonus to his or her attack roll, add one-half your Character Level to the ally's damage roll if the attack is successful.
  • Guarded Assault: Make a single melee or ranged attack. You gain a +2 dodge bonus to your Reflex Defense against all attacks until the start of your next turn.

Reckless Edit

Prerequisite: Tested in Battle

You know from first-hand experience that victory goes to those willing to take a chance. You can add your Wisdom bonus (Minimum +1) to the damage roll when you make a successful Charge attack.

Seen It All Edit

Prerequisites: Tested in Battle, Trained in Initiative

You have seen more action in more places than most people know exist, and little in the galaxy gets you rattled. Any character using a Fear effect on you must roll twice, keeping the lower result on any Skill Checks and attack rolls.

Tested in Battle Edit

When you catch a Second Wind, you move +2 steps on the Condition Track in addition to regaining Hit Points.

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