Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Legacy Era Campaign Guide

Part Powered Armor, part Armored Spacesuit, Venom Assault Armor provides ample protection from hostile attackers and environments. Additionally, the wearer can activate the Armor's limited jump jets as a Swift Action to move at normal speed in zero-g. The jets are not powerful enough to lift an armored trooper in normal Gravity. The suit also adds a +2 Equipment bonus to the wearer's Strength score. However, the wearer must have the Armor Proficiency (Heavy) Feat to use either the jets or gain the Strength bonus.

The wearer may survive up to 24 hours in the Vacuum of space or other hostile environmental conditions. Much like other Galactic Alliance uniforms and Armor sets, the Venom Assault Armor has a dark blue and black color scheme and prominently features the Galactic Alliance logo on the shoulder pauldrons.

Type: Heavy Armor

Cost: 17000

Bonus to Reflex Defense: +10

Bonus to Fortitude Defense: +4

Maximum Dexterity Bonus: +1

Weight: 38 Kilograms

Availability: Military

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