Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Clone Wars Campaign Guide

The Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA) Pod, or Vacuum Pod, is a Droid-assisted suit of Powered Armor specifically designed to allow a person to repair a Starship while in space. It's systems are designed in so that a wearer not proficient with Heavy Armor can use it competently in nonstressful situations. The suit, once donned properly, provides full life support to its wearer and also includes external thrusters to allow movement in a Zero-Gravity Environment (Fly Speed of 6 squares). It also features motorized limbs, a complete set of integrated repair tools, and an external compartment to allow the user to carry any extra materials needed to make repairs. The suit's functions are controlled by a dedicated, low-level Droid brain that handles all the complex systems of the suit, such as the life support monitoring system and the regulation of the external thrusters.

Vacuum Pod users who have the Armor Proficiency (Heavy) Feat can use the following features and receive the bonuses listed. A wearer who does not have the Feat can still use the suit but does not any of the Equipment bonuses listed below, unless otherwise noted. Regardless, the wearer has any Armor Check Penalties halved while in noncombat situations.

  • Comlink: The suit's integrated Comlink has a range of 100 kilometers and can send and receive encrypted messages.
  • Life Support: The suit provides up to 2 hours of continuous Life Support with air supply and protection against extreme environments, including a Vacuum.
  • Powerlamp: The Armor comes with an integrated Glow Rod, which emits a 70-square cone of light.
  • Repair Kit: The tools integrated in the suit's motorized arms give the user a +2 bonus on all Mechanics checks while the systems function.
  • Strength Augmentation: The suit's power systems grant the wearer a +4 bonus to their Strength score while the suit is operational.

Putting on a Vacuum Pod and bringing all the Droid's systems online takes 15 minutes. Removing the suit takes only 3 rounds.

Type: Heavy Armor

Cost: 15000

Bonus to Reflex Defense: +4

Bonus to Fortitude Defense: +1

Maximum Dexterity Bonus: +0

Weight: 35 Kilograms

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