Equipment Type: Tools

Standard 500 4 kg
Empty 55 0.3 kg

A Utility Belt has 10 pouches containing a standard array of items. Each pouch can carry 0.5 kg.

The standard Utility Belt has the following items:

Ration Pack (x3) 15 0.3 kg
Medpac 100 1 kg
Tool Kit 250 1 kg
Power Pack 25 0.1 kg
Energy Cell 10 -
Glow Rod 10 1 kg
Comlink (Short-Range) 25 0.1 kg
Liquid Cable Dispenser (With Small Grappling Hook) 10 0.2 kg

Homebrew Notes[edit | edit source]

The Utility Belt has several items over the specified 0.5 kg weight (Medpac, Tool Kit, and Glow Rod). No official reason has been given as to why these items are allowed to "Outweigh" the belt. The Gamemaster may have you use any of the following fan-speculated solutions to this discrepancy or ignore it altogether:

  • Items over the specified weight hang off the Utility Belt and the Ration Packs are in separate pouches, leaving 3 empty pouches at purchase.
  • The Utility Belt has a maximum weight capacity of 5 kg, but can only have 10 different items.
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