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* [[User:Elitesqadron/Stubby Grip|Stubby Grip]]
* [[User:Elitesqadron/Stubby Grip|Stubby Grip]]
=== New NPCs ===
=== New NPCs and Organisations ===
* [[User:Elitesqadron/Varon-Rek|Varon-Rek]] - [[Draethos]] [[Jedi Knight]], master of jedi hero.
* [[User:Elitesqadron/10th Assault Corps|''10th Assault Corps'']] and support fleet
* [[User:Elitesqadron/10th Assault Corps|10th Assault Corps]]
* ''[[User:Elitesqadron/Frostwolves' Avalon|Frostwolves' Avalon]]''
* [[User:Elitesqadron/Quirz Kala'myr|Quirz Kala'myr]] - The Pirate Captain
* [[User:Elitesqadron/Ryan Braitano|Ryan Braitano]] - The Killer
* [[User:Elitesqadron/Ryan Braitano|Ryan Braitano]] - The Killer
* [[User:Elitesqadron/Seyda's Mercenaries|Seyda's Mercenaries]]
* [[User:Elitesqadron/Seyda's Mercenaries|''Seyda's Mercenaries'']]
* [[Flesh Raiders|''Flesh Raiders'']]
* [[User:Elitesqadron/Liir Gr’ot|Liir Gr’ot]] - [[Neti]] [[Jedi Master]], friend of [[User:Elitesqadron/Varon-Rek|Varon-Rek]]
* All [[Flesh Raiders]]
* [[User:Elitesqadron/Prototype Technobeast|Prototype Technobeast]]
* [[User:Elitesqadron/Prototype Technobeast|Prototype Technobeast]]
* [[Ancient Tomb Guardian Droid]]
* [[Ancient Tomb Guardian Droid]]

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Below is my homebrew stuff. Be careful when using anything from this page, I am not experienced GM, most of this experiments are probably broken in some way, but I wanted to post it here because otherwise it would be lost somwhere in the depths of my hard drives or forgotten in some other way. Editting wikia is also easier that doing a lot of hyperlinks to this wikia's pages from word or exel, and even if only one person will be inspired by my creations, it will make my day. Feel free to comment what requires changes, clarification (note that I am not native english speaker) or just how did you use this material, assuming of course anyone will read this gibberish.

Campaign Three Against The Galaxy

Main Article: Three Against The Galaxy

This is my first and for now only campaign. It starts few weeks before clone wars, and I want to finish it soon after order 66.

New Game Rules

New "Universal" Side missions

Some CRPG-inspired side missions I designed for my players, that are universal enough to be easily transfered into other campaigns.

New Planets

New Vehicles

New Starship Modifications

New Equipment


New Weapons

Equipment Modification

New NPCs and Organisations

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