Homebrew Character From EliteSqadron's capaign Three Against the Galaxy

Affiliation: Seyda's Mercenaries

Created around 100BBY along 10 other prototypes, models ranging from a to j. They were suppose to help CorSec detectives as sidekicks, good at non-lethal melee combat. Unfortunetly, their creator, Holowan Mechanicals stole some piece of programming from Czerka Corporation's and Duwani Mechanical Products' HK-line of droids to increse droid's tracking abilities. During initial tests droid seemd completly fine, but after a few weeks of use prototypes started to manifest tendencies for more extreme brutalities, dislike for "metbags" and other worrying traits of characters. After a few incidents, whih resulted in many injuries and destroyed BH-144 droid, CorSec terminated the agreement with Holowan Mechanicals and shelved remaining BH-144 droids. As other protoypes were salvaged and sold, BH-144d remained collecting dust for over a decade, until young CorSec tecgnician became interested in it. Reapiring droid's broken programming became his hobby, he was doing it for almost another ten year, he was helped by his brother in law on many occasions, but he finally did it. The droid was stable. It took some convincing for his boss to allow this droid into work, but he assigned him minor guard duty at first, later moving to collecting some evidence that were pain to collect, like going through camera footage and finally, he was transfered to the field, according to his purpouse. He served alonside CorSec officers for another 50 years, beeing allowed more and more independence. He was bot, excellent tracker and fighter, but it takes one to know one. He was ambushed with 10 of his fellow officers. The were all killed and droid's remains was taken by terrorists. He was sold from one party to another, as no one knew how to reprogram him, without destroying his processor. Finally someone managed to, at least partially, wipe old programming, nad on that place, he brought back old and forgotten assassin droid programming that lay burried deeply within his processor. Droid was sold to someone who forced him to do their dirty work, but BH-144d still remembered his non-lethal programming, his partners he loved like brothers and he fought new assassin protocols for the whole time spent as an assassin. One of his missions was to help quell the riots in gladiatorial barracks, and thats when he met Seyda Varad for the first time. She helped him remove his behavioral inhibitors that forced him to do the assassin work and he was finally free to kill his masters. With Seyda, her mercenaries and imprisoned slaves they quickly cut through their enemies, whoever they were, and escaped. Mahiuss managed to brought back a lot of old programming, leaving some of the new one and removed all of the inhibitor, he was free droid. He decided to stay with Seyda and help her find and fight her new enemy, mysterious killer from Alderaan.


When the droid was allowed for a field work, every piece of programming went into tracking and non-lethal capturing of a target. First, he would help his partner with every check possible, record everything his partner said and defend him with his own life if necessary (Harm's Way). When target was found and command to capture him was given, Droid tried to tie, pin his enemy to the ground and arrest him (Roper, Pin feats with Pincer and Entangler to easier maintain control, +Internal Grapple Gun). If that proved to be unsuccesful, he had to do with knocking his target unconcious (Roper, Pin, Crush, Pincer, Entangler to maintain control + knocking unconcious with Rancor Crush and Dastardly Strike) At some point during his service he was also given integrated Jet Pack, giving him Flying Locomotion.

Later he was forced by Assassins to do basicly the same thing, but instead of knocking targets unconcious, the re-programmed him to put a little more force into this (Murderous Arts I). When Assassins saw oncoming war, they decided to give him more military-oriented training and send him to batllefields to scout enemy position, anticipate enemy strategies, infiltrate their base and kill key personnel. They also upgraded him with Specialized Subprocessor (Knowledge (Tactics)) and Tactician Battle Computer for that occasion. By cracking skulls throats and bones of course. They didn't put his skills to the test hovewer, as he was rescued by Seyda and Mahiuss.

Mahius managed to clear unwanted programming and make him independent. He decided to train himself for forward battle scout that works independently from main unit, sends them info (Sensor Link) and captures key enemy officers. They also designed TC-Series Protocol Droid chassis for him to hide on the plane sight (when equipped, +5 to any use of Just a Droid Talent).

 BH-144d Statistics (Elrad base infiltration) (CL 15)

Medium 4th-Degree Droid Scout 3/Soldier 5/Bounty Hunter 4/Assassin 1/Independent Droid 1/Droid Commander 1

Force Points: 10; Destiny Points: 7

Initiative: +15; Senses: Darkvision, Perception +15

Languages: Basic, Binary,


Reflex Defense: 32 (Flat-Footed: 29), Fortitude Defense: 30, Will Defense: 30

Hit Points: 90, Damage Threshold: 30

Immune: Droid Traits (Sapience)


Speed: 6 Squares (Walking); 12 Squares (Flying)

Melee: Unarmed (Hand) +18 (1d4 + 12)

Melee: Grapple +18 (1d4 + 12, -1 on Condition Track) with Pin, Crush, Rancor Crush

Melee: Grapple on next round +18 (1d4 +1d6 + 12, -2 on Condition Track) with Pin, Crush, Rancor Crush + Pincer, Dastardly Strike and Murderous Arts I

Melee: Grapple on next round after using Roper: Previous+2

Ranged: SoroSuub Firelance +18 (3d8 + 9)

Ranged: SoroSuub Firelance +18 (4d6 + 9 Stun)

Ranged: Grapple with Internal Grapple Gun +18

Base Attack Bonus: +13; Grapple: +16, Pin, Crush, Roper, Pincer, Rancor Crush

Attack Options:

Special Actions: Familiar Foe +1, Mark +1, Sapience, Harm's Way

Base Stats

Abilities: Strength 20, Dexterity 16, Constitution -, Intelligence 11, Wisdom 12, Charisma 12

Talents (Detective): Acute Senses, Dastardly Strike, Detective, Entangler, Expert Grappler, Expert Tracker, Harm's Way

Talents (Assassin): Murderous Arts I

Talents (Independent): Born Leader, Just a Droid

Feats (Detective): Armor Proficiency (Light), Crush, Pin, Pincer, Rancor Crush, Roper, Skill Training (Gather Information), Skill Training (Use Computer), , Weapon Proficiency (Pistols), Weapon Proficiency (Rifles), Weapon Proficiency (Simple Weapons)

Feats (Assassin): Skill Training (Knowledge (Tactics))

Feats (Undependent): Sensor Link

Quirks: mixed programming (Special, see below)

Skills: Gather Information +13 (-5 DC on locating individual), Initiative + 15, Knowledge (Social Sciences) + 12, Knowledge (Tactics) +12, Perception +15, Stealth +15, Survival +13, Use Computer +12.

Droid Systems: Walking Locomotion, Flying Locomotion Heuristic Processor (Specialized Subprocessor (Knowledge (Tactics)), Tactician Battle Computer, Hidden Core (Will 30)), 2 Hand Appendages, Improved Sensor Package, Darkvision, Vocabulator, Weapon-Detector Package, Locked Access, Internal Defenses, Translator Unit (DC 5), Superior Ability (Strength)

Possessions: SoroSuub Firelance, Integrated Jet Pack, Repulsorcam, Multispectrum Searchlight, Internal Grapple Gun,

Availability: Unique

Heroic Traits:

Organization Score (Seyda's Mercenaries): 18

Destiny Fulfilled (Rescue): Alongside Seyda Varad he rescued many slaves from some unknown to galaxy at large gladiatorial pits, gaining +1 to Intelligence and Charisma

Manufacturer: Holowan Mechanicals (Special: Czerka Corporation or Duwani Mechanical Products)

Special Abilities:

Mixed Programming:

His programming was unsuccesfully tampered with for so many times, that he sometimes activates his assassin protocols from original source code or one given by mysterious assassins. When rolled natural "1" on any skill check, attack etc. Roll D10. On "1" his assassin protocols kick in, he instantly wants to murder his enemies and Czerka Corporation or Duwani Mechanical Products manufacturer trait activates (choose randomly).

When rolled "1" on Persuasion skill check, droid's attention quickly shifts from talking into killing and Czerka Corporation manufacturer trait activates.

When reduced to half Hit Points, roll D20. on "1" droid becomes much more agressive and Duwani Mechanical Products manufacturer trait activates.

Different kind of Assassin: As he is more about brutal melee Grappling combat, big set of Grappling Feats satisfy the prequisition instead of Snipe.

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