Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Galaxy at War

You have advanced training in one or more martial art form and have turned your body into a lethal weapon. Any character can practice these forms, but through dedications and perseverance you have exceeded the abilities of other beings.

Flurry of Blows Edit

When you make multiple Unarmed attacks as a Full Attack Action, you reduce the penalty to your attack roll by 2. You can take this Talent multiple times. Each time you take this Talent, you reduce the penalty to your attack rolls by an additional 2.

Hardened Strike Edit

If you deal damage with an Unarmed attack to a creature or Droid that has Damage Reduction, you reduce the value of that Damage Reduction by 1 until the end of the encounter. Cumulative attacks against the same target do not stack.

Punishing Strike Edit

When you score a Critical Hit with an Unarmed attack, you can make an immediate Unarmed attack (In addition to other effects of a Critical Hit) against a single target within reach. You can use this Talent only once per turn and only while wearing Light Armor or no Armor.

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