Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Galaxy of Intrigue

See also: Poisons, Hazards

Keywords: Contact, Poison

Challenge Level: 15

Also known as Dragon's Breath or Hex, this potent biological agent comes in a powder form and causes massive breakdown in organic material. Each round that a creature is in contact with Trihexalon, make an attack roll (1d20+20) against the target's Fortitude Defense. If the attack succeeds, the target takes 10d6 points of damage and moves -2 steps on the Condition Track. If the attack failed, the target takes half damage, but still moves -1 step on the Condition Track. The Poison attacks each round until cured with a successful DC 30 Treat Injury check. Because Trihexalon causes disintegration of biological matter, a creature that takes full damage from Trihexalon loses any limb in contact with the Poison (Roll randomly if the contact is not otherwise determined).

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