Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Threats of the Galaxy

This chapter features a small sample of the many thousands of models of Droids in use across the galaxy. There is at least one model of Droid made for nearly every imaginable purpose, from loading standardized cargo containers onto Starships to picking honey melons on The Forest Moon of Endor. However, because of both cost and convenience, all across the galaxy Droids are used for tasks different from those they are programmed for. A surplus Battle Droid might work as a bouncer in a tavern, and a fruit-picking Droid might be used for scrubbing floors in a hotel. Because Droids are programmed to serve their owners, even Droids that perform entirely unsuitable occupations usually do the best that they can manage, but problems and complications can arise.

Many of the Droids described here come equipped with tools that can be used as powerful weapons. However, only 4th-Degree Droids can freely use weapons on sentient living beings. Other Droids possess behavioral inhibitors that prevent such attacks. Droids that have Heuristic Processors can sometimes find ways around these limits, but generally can do so only in extreme circumstances, such as using violence to prevent mass murder or to stop a potentially lethal attack on their owner. The only consistent way to avoid these limitations is to reprogram the Droid with programming from a 4th-Degree Droid, which requires a DC 35 Use Computer check if the Droid was not originally designed to be 4th-Degree.

Characters who have sufficient funds are free to purchase any of these Droids that they can both afford and find a way to buy, and will undoubtedly run across many others in the course of their adventures. In addition. some of these Droids can be played as characters. Playing one of these Droids follows the standard rules of Droid Heroes.

A Note on Droid Models Edit

Though the Droids in this chapter have generic names (Such as Artillery Droid and War Droid), most of the Droid entries present specific models from the Star Wars universe. The Droids have been placed in generic categories to allow Gamemasters to use their statistics for Droids in that particular role, and not just for a specific model of Droid. Though the statistics in this chapter reflect the particular specifications of these established Droid Models, Gamemasters should feel free to adapt (Or even use unchanged) these statistics for their own Droid Models. The differences between an R5-Series Astromech Droid and the Astromech Droids created for use in Starships made by a brand-new corporation for your home campaign are probably negligible enough to simply use the R5 statistics. In some cases, Gamemasters might wish to tweak the statistics to better suit their needs.

VX-Series Artillery Droid 4th-Degree CL 12 No
VX-Series Artillery Droid
ASN-121 Assassin Droid 4th-Degree CL 9 No
ASN-121 Assassin Droid
R3-Series Astromech Droid 2nd-Degree CL 1 Yes
R3-Series Astromech Droid
R4-Series Astromech Droid 2nd-Degree CL 0 Yes
R4-Series Astromech Droid
R5-Series Astromech Droid 2nd-Degree CL 0 Yes
R5 negtd
R7-Series Astromech Droid 2nd-Degree CL 2 Yes
R7 negtd
R2-R-Series Astromech Droid 2nd-Degree CL 1 Yes Image Unavailable
B3-Series Ultra Battle Droid 4th-Degree CL 3 No
B3-Series Ultra Battle Droid
B3-A-Series Ultra Battle Droid 4th-Degree CL 5 No
B3-A-Series Ultra Battle Droid
IG-Series Lancer Droid 4th-Degree CL 2 No
IG-Series Lancer Droid
Buzz Droid 4th-Degree CL 3 No
Buzz Droid
EVS Construction Droid 5th-Degree CL 5 No
EVS Construction Droid
GRZ-6B Demolitions Droid 5th-Degree CL 5 No
GRZ-6B Wrecker Droid
3PX Espionage Droid 4th-Degree CL 6 No
3PX Espionage Droid
T0-D Interrogation Droid 1st-Degree CL 4 No
GH-7 Medical Droid 1st-Degree CL 1 Yes
GH-7 Medical Droid
EG-6 Power Droid 5th-Degree CL 0 Yes
EG-6 Power Droid
DRK-1 Probe Droid 4th-Degree CL 1 Yes
DRK-1 Probe Droid
M-3PO-Series Military Protocol Droid 3rd-Degree CL 0 Yes
M-3PO-Series Military Protocol Droid
TC-Series Protocol Droid 3rd-Degree CL 1 Yes
TC-Series Protocol Droid
Replica Droid Replica Droid CL 4 Yes
Replica Droid
Guri Replica Droid CL 10 No
WSB-15 Sabotage Droid 4th-Degree CL 7 No
WSB-15 Sabotage Droid
501-Z Police/Security Droid 4th-Degree CL 10 No
501-Z PoliceSecurity Droid
Mark VII "Inquisitor" Seeker Droid 4th-Degree CL 6 No
Mark VII Inquisitor Seeker Droid
Mark IV Sentry Droid 4th-Degree CL 2 No
Mark IV Sentry Droid
SD-6 "Hulk" Infantry Droid 4th-Degree CL 14 No
SD-6 Hulk Infantry Droid
Sith Elite Warbot 4th-Degree CL 5 No
Sith Elite Warbot
PK Worker Droid 5th-Degree CL 2 Yes
PK-Series Worker Droid
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