Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Threats of the Galaxy

The galaxy is a dynamic place. infinitely vast and teeming with life. The countless species that populate the myriad of worlds form the very basis of The Living Force, which is the invisible energy field that binds all things together into a unified whole In our daily lives, it is often easy to forget that the galaxy's sentient Species make up only a small portion of its population. The vast majority of life forms in the galaxy are nonsentient, and these include the flora and fauna that make each planetary system unique.  

As the spacefaring Species have continued to traverse the stars, they have taken their own animals and beasts with them. Pets, beasts of burden, and livestock of all types have plied the space lanes alongside their masters at one time or another As a result, a number of species are ubiquitous to the average galactic citizen. Banthas, for example, can be found on nearly every civilized world. Pests such as Womp Rats and Mynocks have also spread across the stars, stowing away in cargo holds or latching onto Starship hulls.  

Yet even the ready placement of these familiar species cannot completely overshadow the sheer oddity of the unknown. For every species we are familiar with, there are a million more throughout the galaxy that we have never seen, which await discovery. It is these unknown elements that make the galaxy a rich and exotic place, a place where surprises are a daily occurrence, and where new challenges wait at the end of each Hyperspace jump.  

Though heroes in the Star Wars universe often face enemies that look and act much as they do, it is sometimes more challenging for them to be opposed by primal creatures that inhabit the galaxy's jungles, deserts, and wastelands. Driven by instinct and largely neutral in temperament, these creatures aren't concerned with factions or political affiliations. Rebel or Imperial? Jedi or Sith? What does a Rancor care? More than likely, it is concerned only with who is the hunter, and who is the hunted. 

Intelligent Creatures Edit

A few creatures in this article boast Intelligence scores higher than most Beasts. These few creatures, including the Dathomiri Rancor and the Mantellian Savrip, are considered something between a beast and a sapient creature. Though some creatures (Such as the aforementioned Dathomiri Rancor) are likely inappropriate for use as heroic characters, Intelligent Creatures sometimes make good NPCs and allies for the party, as well as challenges. Dealing with such a creature isn't easy, since animal instinct still dominates much of its behavior, but Gamemasters wishing to introduce a slightly different twist on the traditional role of NPC allies might consider using a beast with an Intelligence score greater than 2.  

Corellian Banshee Bird CL 2
Corellian banshee bird
Corellian Sand Panther CL 7
Corellian Sand Panther
Dragonsnake CL 12
Gundark CL 9
Katarn CL 7
Kintan Strider CL 5
Kintan Strider
Knobby White Spider CL 8
Knobby White Spider
Kouhun CL 2
Krayt Dragon CL 16
Krayt Dragon
Canyon Krayt Dragon CL 14
Canyon Krayt Dragon
Mantellian Savrip CL 5
Mantellian Savrip
Massiff CL 3
Massiff TotG
Mynock CL 1
Narglatch CL 6
Narglatch TCW
Nashtah CL 8
Dathomiri Rancor CL 11
Dathomiri Rancor
Tyrant Rancor CL 14
Tyrant Rancor
Tra'cor CL 6
Ronto CL 3
Sarlacc CL 12
Varactyl CL 3
Vornskr CL 6
Womp Rat CL 2
Womp Rat
Womp Rat Pack CL 4
Womp Rat Pack
Ysalamiri CL 0
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