Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Threats of the Galaxy

This chapter presents a selection of character archetypes. From noble Jedi Masters to villainous Sith Lords, vicious Swoop Gang Leaders, loyal Soldiers, Traders, Medics, Elite Warriors, and more, all represent the people who shape the galaxy. You can use them as written or change them to fit your needs. Each entry presents one or more sets of generic statistics to give you a ready-to-run character. Also, the entries include guidance about how the characters fit into the larger universe as well as tips and advice for building encounters that feature them. Many of the individuals featured herein function as villains, but not all. Some of them work equally well as contacts, allies, minions, or supporting characters, folks the heroes meet over the course of their adventures who provide aid or information. The Star Wars universe is filled with interesting individuals, good, bad, and neutral, and where these generic characters fall on that spectrum is up to you.  

Most of the generic characters in this chapter are not associated with a Species. The omission is intentional; to make this book useful in as many situations as possible, no Species is defined so that (For instance) a Soldier can be a Soldier whether you're running games set in The Old Republic Era, The Rise of the Empire Era, or during The Legacy Era. To make full use of these statistics, you might want to determine a Species. This decision isn't always necessary, though, especially for minor encounters, since the traits of a character's Species might not come into play. However, for combat encounters, it's best to select a Species and adapt the statistics block as necessary. The easiest way is to just use the Human Species, since it can also represent a whole host of Near-Humans, and then give the character one extra Trained Skill and a bonus Feat. For the Trained Skill, select from the Class Skills available to the character's first listed class.  

For other Species, be sure to account for how Ability modifiers affect the statistics- Ability Score penalties might prevent certain Feat selections, while bonuses could result in improved Defenses, higher Skill modifiers, and perhaps even extra Force Powers. Also, every generic character uses Medium as its size, by default; if the Species you select for a character is bigger or smaller than Medium, be sure to apply size modifiers when appropriate.  

Some entries also include statistics for unique, named characters. These characters, drawn from the films and the Expanded Universe, demonstrate specific examples of the archetypes in the setting, while also providing ready-to-use villains and support characters straight out of the book. Even if a character is not present in the Era of Play you're using, you can change the character's name and background, and you'll have a new and compelling character to use as an adversary or ally for the heroes. 

Force Adept CL 8
  • CL 10
  • CL 9
Various Force Traditions A common Force-user, almost universal in their Force techniques.
  • A Dathomiri spellcaster, using her "Spells" to aid their clans.
  • Spiritual mystic usually found in more primitive societies.
Assassin CL 10
  • CL 13
The Fringe Killer-for-Hire.
  • Adept assassins who trained in and perfected their poisoning arts on the planet Malkii, where they got the ingredients for many of their deadly poisons.
Datadagger, Malkite Poisoner Talent Tree
Bodyguard CL 6
  • CL 8
General Units Personal guard to a wealthy or powerful individual.
  • Personal guard to Padmé during the Clone Wars.
Bounty Hunter CL 10
  • CL 12
  • CL 12
  • CL 15
The Fringe, The Crimson Axe Ethically ambiguous hunters, tracking down bounties (Whether legal or not) for their clients.
  • A Force-sensitive bounty hunter, with a particular hatred for Jedi in general, and The Dark Woman in specific.
  • An infamous Trandoshan bounty hunter, with a particular hatred for Chewbacca.
  • Mandalorian bounty hunter, father of Boba Fett.
Rhen-Orm Biocomputer, Hound's Tooth, Saberdart Launcher, Mandalorian Jet Pack, Antisecurity Blades
Brute CL 1 General Units An enforcer to gangs or corporations. N/A
Bureaucrat CL 1 General Units A low-level administrative officer, pushing papers for more important government personnel. N/A
Commando CL 6
  • CL 10
  • CL 14
General Units Special Operations soldier.
  • Leader of a small group of Special Operations soldiers.
  • Elite Special Operations soldier.
Con Artist CL 3 The Fringe A con artist, or grifter is a person who tricked, or conned, other individuals out of their credits or property by way of lying, cheating or defrauding. N/A
Crime Lord CL 12
  • CL 14
  • CL 14
  • CL 11
The Fringe An upper-crust cosmopolitan, often bribing politicians and running under guard businesses.
  • A Rodian regional leader of Black Sun operations.
  • A Bith regional leader of Black Sun operations.
  • A member of the Hutt Cartel, often ruling from their fortresses through proxies.
Dark Jedi CL 7
  • CL 2
The Fringe Fallen Jedi who have embraced The Dark Side of The Force.
  • Untrained Force-users loosely allied with Imperial Remnants.
Dark Jedi Master CL 17
  • CL 19
The Fringe A fallen Jedi Master who, for one reason or another, does not become Sith.
  • Fallen Jedi Knight, now serving Palpatine as his Inquisitor. Rival to Darth Vader.
Drain Knowledge
Dark Side Adept CL 6
  • CL 9
  • CL 9
The Galactic Empire New Dark Side government officials, performing the duties of the dissolved Imperial Senate.
  • Dark Force-users in desolate worlds, stewing in their aggression and ambition.
  • Chistori Force-user that defects from Skywalker's Jedi Academy after killing a fellow student.
Diplomat CL 3 General Units Trained negotiators, working on behalf of governments, corporates, or enevn underworld organizations. N/A
Doctor CL 1 General Units A medical professional, usually trained in the Treat Injury skill. MDS-50 Medisensor
Emergency Crew CL 1 General Units Personnel trained to respond to Starship damage with quick fixes and jury-rigging. Heat Sensor
Engineer CL 2 General Units Engineers are skilled technicians who specialize in the construction, maintenance, and modification of machines. N/A
Gambler CL 4 General Units A high-stakes player constantly rubbing elbows with the upper-class. N/A
Infiltrator CL 9 The Fringe Expert at breaking into secured areas. N/A
Information Broker CL 5 General Units Neutral infochants, trades secrets and data for credits and favors. N/A
Jedi Knight CL 12
  • CL 12
  • CL 13
  • CL 10
The Jedi Member of the Jedi Order who have passed the trials and been knighted by the Jedi Council.
  • Jedi Refugee who is hiding following a Jedi Purge.
  • The most knowledgeable about lightsaber fighting styles in the entire Jedi Order.
  • One of the many members of The Imperial Knights, trained in the use of Lightsabers and The Force to protect their Emperor.
Cortosis Gauntlet
Jedi Master CL 15
  • CL 15
  • CL 15
  • CL 16
The Jedi The pinnacle of a Jedi Knight, having learned mastery of The Force and its applications.
  • Jedi scholars and masterful expects in galactic lore and history.
  • Masters of the Lightsaber, and physically the strongest Jedi of the Order.
  • Keepers of Dark Side lore, often viewed with wariness by their fellow Jedi.
The Presence of a Master
Jedi Padawan CL 5 The Jedi A Jedi-in-training, apprenticed to a Jedi Knight or Master. N/A
Jensaarai Defender CL 8 The Jensaarai Armored defenders of The Jensaarai and their families. N/A
Martial Artist CL 7 General Units Unarmed specialists, eschewing the use of ranged weapons. Martial Arts and Simple Weapons, Master of Teräs Käsi Talent Tree
Medic CL 3 General Units Trained field medics with rudimentary combat training. FastFlesh Medpac
Mercenary Soldier CL 3
  • CL 3
  • CL 4
General Units The main muscle of mercenary bands, hired out in wars to those who will pay.
  • Trailblazers and reconnaissance units, spearheading mercenary assaults.
  • Grizzled veterans of large mercenary companies, with heavier armor and weaponry.
Mercenaries, Combined Fire, Mercenary's Determination, Mercenary's Grit, Mercenary's Teamwork
Mercenary Captain CL 5 General Units Shred negotiators and boisterous leaders of mercenary bands, often a reflection of their own troops. N/A
Mystic CL 5 General Units Force-users on distant worlds, lacking the formal training of Force Traditions. N/A
Officer CL 8
  • CL 10
General Units Field commanders, leading by example on the frontlines.
  • Interrogators and specialized analysts, often working closely with Spies.
The Chain of Command
Outlaw Tech CL 4 The Fringe Outlaw Tech is an expert at breaking and entering, hijacking a starship and hotwiring a speeder. N/A
Pilot CL 5
  • CL 14
  • CL 10
General Units Experienced professionals in Vehicle operations.
  • Legendary pilots capable of flying circles around most pilots.
  • Elite pilots represent those veteran squadrons of starfighters whose names are spread throughout the galaxy.
A Few Maneuvers
Pirate CL 6
  • CL 9
The FringeThe Blazing ClawThe Crimson Axe Rogues that were scattered across the galaxy who would attack, rob or commandeer ships as they saw fit.
  • "Legitimate" pirates-for-hire, willing to strike civilian ships under a thin veneer of legitimacy.
The Blazing Claw
Pirate Captain CL 11 The FringeThe Blazing ClawThe Crimson Axe Leader of a group of rogues that were scattered across the galaxy who would attack, rob or commandeer ships as they saw fit. N/A
Police Officer CL 2 The Sector Rangers, CorSec Standard officer of the law, charged with maintaining law and order in their respective jurisdictions. N/A
Veteran Politician CL 11
  • CL 9
General Units Experienced Senators and masterful negotiators.
  • One of the principal architects of the Rebellion.
Saboteur CL 8
  • CL 6
General Units Expert in destroying all forms of machinery.
  • Professional saboteurs, often working for corporate entities in rival sabotage.
The Sector Rangers
Sector Ranger CL 7
  • CL 13
The Sector Rangers Operatives trained in detective work, tracking criminals across Republic Space.
  • SEOs are elite Sector Rangers known for infiltration and undercover work.
Riot Shield
Security Personnel CL 2
  • CL 5
  • CL 6
General Units Common security agents, both as law enforcement officers and private security.
  • Elite guards with extensive experience and training. Proficient in close-quarters combat.
  • Personal attendants to the Naboo monarch, with specialized combat training.
Ship Captain CL 13 General Units Commanders of Capital Ships, leading their crew into battle with tactical prowess. N/A
Ship Gunner CL 7 General Units Trained Weapon Systems operator, critical to the operation of most Starships. N/A
Sith Apprentice CL 13
  • CL 15
The Sith A Sith in training under their Master.
  • The first apprentice of Darth Sidious, critical to the Invasion of Naboo.
Stolen Form, FC-20 Speeder Bike
Sith Lord CL 19
  • CL 18
  • CL 19
  • CL 20
The Sith Undisputed master of The Dark Side of The Force.
  • A fallen Dark Jedi that has risen to become Lord of the Sith.
  • A secret apprentice of Darth Vader, trains in seclusion on Ziost.
  • The only Sith survivor of the Battle of Ruusan. Created the "Rule of Two."
Lightwhip, Orbalisk Armor
Slicer CL 5
  • CL 10
The Fringe Skilled hackers, often working behind the scenes to wreak havoc.
  • Legendary slicer and associate of the famous smuggler Talon Karrde.
Computer Spike, HiBaka 2000 Mem-Stik, Lectroticker
Smuggler CL 7
  • CL 12
The Fringe Couriers for illicit goods in the galaxy.
  • Notorious information broker and the creator of the famous Smugglers' Alliance.
Corellian VCX-350 Light Freighter
Soldier CL 2
  • CL 5
General Units Planetary troopers with basic military training.
  • Members of the 6th Regiment HWS, trained in Heavy Weapons support and suppression.
Suppression Fire
Soldier Commander CL 6
  • CL 12
General Units Field commanders leading martial troops towards military objectives.
  • Famous Clone Marshal Commander of 7th Sky Corp.
Elite Soldier CL 10
  • CL 13
General Units Vanguards of of army platoons.
  • Stealthy commandos who are among the first to enter the field of battle.
Hard Target
Spy CL 7
  • CL 8
General Units Skilled infiltrators, using bribery, blackmail, and stealth to obtain secret information.
  • An agent of the Spynet, fiercely loyal to organization.
The Bothan SpyNet
Swoop Gang Leader CL 7 The Fringe Leaders of small-time swoop gangs. R-2000 Raptor Speeder Bike
Swoop Gang Member CL 2 The Fringe Idle youths engaging in acts of vandalism and theft aboard their tricked-out swoop bikes. Nebulon-Q Swoop Racer
Technician CL 1 General Units Technicians are characters who maintain and modify existing technol­ogy. N/A
Trader CL 1 General Units Merchants and salesmen, peddling their goods to prospective clients. N/A
Varactyl Handler CL 0 General Units Utai animal trainers, famous for their success with Varactyls. Utai, Riding Feats (Momentum Strike, Mounted Defense)
Elite Warrior CL 14
  • CL 16
General Units Experienced veteran of multiple military campaigns.
  • Elite Mandalorian warriors, trained to defend their clans and families through warfare.
Mandalorian Armor Template
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