Equipment Type: Tools

Cost: 250

Weight: 1 Kilogram

You need a Tool Kit to reprogram a Droid, or to Repair a damaged Droid or Vehicle. A Tool Kit also makes repairing devices much simpler.

The standard Tool Kit represents a broad collection of tools designed to take apart, analyze, modify, and rebuild almost any technological device. Most technicians personalize their Tool Kits over the course of years, but almost all contain the tools in the below table.

Many of these tools can be used as Makeshift Weapons. They all qualify as Simple Weapons, but since they aren't designed for combat, they impose a -5 penalty on attack rolls. (Droids with such Tools on Tool Mounts don't suffer these penalties, since they don't have to deal with the oddly shaped handle.)

Tool Kit Contents
Electroshock Probe Short out electronic components

Solder wires

1d8 (Ion)
Fusion Cutter Cut apart durasteel or similar materials 2d6 (Energy)
Hydrospanner Tighten or loosen screws or fasteners -
Laser Welder Connecting things 1d6 (Energy)
Power Calibrator Analyze circuitry

Emergency power cell

Power Prybar Force things open 1d8 (Bludgeoning)
Probe Sensors - -
Sonic Welder Connect things when you can't afford a fire 1d8 (Energy)
Various Circuits and Wires - -
Vibrocutters For things that don't call for a Fusion cutter -
Welding Goggles Don't burn your eyes out -
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