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See also: Hazards, Poisons

This paralytic nerve agent was developed during the Clone Wars. It is a deadly compound, causing spasms, dementia and death.

Tisyn-C Nerve Gas Statistics (CL 8)[edit | edit source]

Keywords: Atmosphere, Contact, Poison

Trigger: A creature is exposed to Tisyn-C Nerve Gas.

Attacks: +10 vs Fortitude Defense; +10 vs Will Defense

Damage: 2d6 (-1 Persistent step on the Condition Track)

Recurrence: Each round at the start of the target's turn, until the Tisyn-C Nerve Gas is treated.

Suggested Skills: The following are suggested Skills for this Hazard:

Special: If the attack succeeds a target's Will Defense, the target is panicked and may only make one Standard Action each round. If the attack exceeds the target's Will Defense by 5 or more, they are stricken with fear, and can perform only one Move Action each round.

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