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The Zann Consortium is a powerful criminal syndicate opposing both The Galactic Empire and The Rebel Alliance. Run by the crime lord Tyber Zann, the Consortium is his tool to take control of the galaxy's underworld and ultimately the galaxy. The Consortium's enemies include most major organizations in the galaxy, as well as criminal operations such as that of the Desilijic Hutt Clan.

The Consortium's rise to power begins shortly after the destruction of the first Death Star and continues beyond the Battle of Endor. Specialized Defilers excel at tasks such as corrupting officials, kidnapping, sabotage, and bribery.

The Consortium features a sizeable military arm, which is able to field formidable space and ground forces. The Consortium's access to black-market weaponry and military devices of its own design gives it a great advantage over its enemies. What it cannot steal or otherwise obtain, it builds. Ships, armor, Droids, equipment, and weaponry are all within the Consortium's capabilities.

 Consortium Heroic Units[edit | edit source]

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Scum and Villainy

Tyber Zann CL 13 An ambitious and calculating crime lord, founder of The Zann Consortium.

 Consortium Nonheroic Units[edit | edit source]

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Rebellion Era Campaign Guide
Consortium Defiler CL 6 Experts in stealth, bribry, and corruption, these Defilers are The Zann Consortium's primary agents.
Scavenger's Guide to Droids
Droideka Mk II Destroyer Droid CL 8 An upgrade to the Droideka-Series Destroyer Droid, unused in the galaxy until The Zann Consortium's discovery of its production plant on Hypori.

Consortium Vehicles[edit | edit source]

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Force Unleashed Campaign Guide
M3-A Scyk Fighter Starfighter CL 7 Cheap starcraft with easy interchangeable weapon systems.
M3-A Scyk Fighter (1).jpg
Rebellion Era Campaign Guide
F9-TZ Transport Speeder CL 8 Troop transports with an integrated Cloaking Device.
F9-TZ Transport.jpg
Canderous-Class Assault Tank Speeder CL 10 Heavy assault craft, used as guardians for weaker units.
Canderous-Class Assault Tank.jpg
Keldabe-Class Battleship Capital Ship CL 19 Titanic cruisers used to drain opposing Starships with its Shield Energy Drain system.
Keldabe-Class Battleship.png
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