This article details the index of planets within The Unknown Regions. You may be looking for the Saga Edition Reference Book of the same name, Unknown Regions.

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Galactic citizens know little about the strange worlds and isolated civilizations beyond the reach of the official galactic government of their time. Even the frontier worlds on the edges of known space know little of the nearby systems of The Unknown Regions. These areas are regarded as isolated and dangerous, and only the desperate, brave, or foolhardy venture into them on a regular basis. However, over the course of galactic history, new political entities and armed invaders emerge from The Unknown Regions to threaten isolated worlds or even the greater galactic government of the time.

Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide
Lehon The homeworld of the Rakata Species and the secret capital of their Infinite Empire.
Legacy Era Campaign Guide
Csilla Csilla, a cold world of glaciers and snowy wastes located deep within Chiss Space, serves as the capital of The Chiss Ascendancy.
Nagi Nagi is an extragalactic planet located in the Firefist Galaxy of The Unknown Regions. It is home to the indigenous Nagai.
Zonama Sekot A living, sentient world capable of traveling through space, Zonama is the planet itself, while Sekot serves as the planet's living intelligence.
Unknown Regions
244Core A legendary planet in the Unknown Regions, said to contain limitless quantities of richs and raw materials.
Altiria/Anarris Despite its beautiful landscapes, verdant forests, and lush plains, the world known as both Altiria and Anarris has been locked in conflict for most of the time that sapient life has existed on it.
Durace Durace is a hostile planet in a hostile region of space. It is unforgiving, deadly, and generally avoided by those who know about it.
Giaca Giaca is a lush, wild world teeming with life and largely unspoiled by civilization.
Iol Iol is a small, barren world orbiting an orange star near the edge of The Unknown Regions.
O'reen A militaristic world on par with Core Worlds during the reign of the Emperor.
Veroleem Once, the planet Veroleem was the site of a group of colonists who sought to live free of outside influences. But the world's residents have changed, evolving into a cult.
Volik A lush and vibrant world, acting as a hub for smugglers and traders within the region.
Homebrew Content
Ahch-To An uncharted world where The Jedi Order was founded, and its sacred island is the site of the first Jedi Temple.
Belkadan A lush world recently resettled by the Republic, home to ancient ruins and Mandalorian activity.
Exegol One of the oldest Sith worlds, home to a massive citadel filled with ancient, crumbling statuary.
Ilum Concealed within the caverns of a frigid, mountainous world of Ilum are precious crystals that form the heart of the Jedi Lightsaber. From the most ancient days of The Jedi Order, initiates have journeyed to Ilum to find the crucial components for their weapons.
Scoth A desert world home to an O'reenian colony. Temporarily abandoned after a major contamination of the colony's water supply.
Starkiller Base Deep in The Unknown Regions, The First Order constructed a superweapon that used an entire planet as its weapons platform.
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