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The secret of the universe- its professed possession is no small claim. But beyond Republic space, an entire people allege just that.

Even though the original Sith were steeped in sortilege, sentient sacrifices, and wars, they lived spiritually serene lives, never doubting conflict's integral role to existence. Only with their introduction to methodic Rakatan malice did these Sith truly embrace The Dark Side. However, Sith priests interpreted the death of their Sith'ari in the Rakatan conflict as a sign to reject this concept. These heretics were banished from the Sith homeworld, following their instincts to the Force-soaked world Tund.

This pureblooded Sith society combines science, ontology, and magic. Convinced by their Rakatan interactions that all sentients are Force-sensitive, The Sorcerers of Tund proclaim that the omnipresence of The Force (or "The Unity") illuminates the deception of dualities and multiplicity. Their cosmology views life as perfectly harmonious and the existence of true opposites as an illusion.

The sorcerers have interactions with early Jedi, who view them as merely another Force sect, like The Jal Shey or The Zeison Sha. However, following the Restoration- and Karnak Tetsu's reign of terror- Jedi label the sorcerers' hermetica as unqualified heresy.

Membership Edit

Unsurprisingly, the sorcerers are reticent in accepting outlanders, believing that only true Sith (See Sith Offshoot) can grasp their truth. On one occasion, however, they welcome the few remaining Massassi and Kissai, descended from outcasts much like themselves.

Sorcerers of Tund Heroic Units Edit

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The Old Republic Era Edit

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Web Enhancements
Karnak Tetsu CL 15 The leader of The Sorcerers of Tund during the years following The Great Sith War.

The Rise of the Empire Era Edit

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Homebrew Content
Padta Greel CL 12 An experienced Tund Sorcerer active in the years preceding the Clone Wars.

 Sorcerers of Tund Nonheroic Units Edit

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Threats of the Galaxy
Force Adept CL 8 A common Force-user, almost universal in their Force techniques.
Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide
Sith Mage CL 8 Wielders of more ritualistic Sith powers, more traditional than practical.
Jedi Academy Training Manual
Sorcerer of Tund CL 11 An illusionist, fallen to The Dark Side with their mystical craft.
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