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Established in the early days of The Old Republic, The Sector Rangers are a law enforcement agency with wide-ranging powers. Sector Rangers were given the power to track and apprehend criminals throughout an entire region of the galaxy, often encompassing hundreds or thousands of planets. Because their powers were involved in law enforcement, and not military or political, Sector Rangers must walk a delicate line of jurisdictions, local laws, and customs. Sector Rangers are trained to be cautious and methodical in their gathering of evidence or employment of their powers, so as not to have criminals be released due to legal loopholes or mistrials. Other than a name change, Sector Rangers changed little during the time of the Empire. Sector Rangers had the right to commandeer local policemen or make use of Republic (Or Imperial) vessels in the course of their duties, although most avoided doing so unless the situation at hand required such draconian methods.

Sector Ranger Enforcement Powers Edit

Sector Rangers have far-reaching jurisdiction and have the right to demand aid, information, equipment, and personnel from local authorities. On most Republic worlds, this translates to a +5 bonus to Persuasion checks made to acquire such assistance. Failure indicates running afoul of local laws, red tape, or simply suspicious or indiginat attitudes from the authority figures in question. On planets located on The Outer Rim (Such as Tatooine) who are not affiliated with the Republic or hold it in poor regard (Such as Nar Shaddaa), this bonus does not apply- The Sector Rangers must rely on their own skills of negotiation (Or intimidation) to get the help they need.

 Additional The Sector Rangers in The Legacy Era Edit

Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Legacy Era Campaign Guide

One major component of Imperial leadership in the galaxy falls under the purview of The Sector Rangers. An organization that has existed since the days of The Old Republic, The Sector Rangers serve as the ultimate law enforcement officials at the sector level. Like Palpatine, Darth Krayt has made sure to put The Sector Rangers under direct Imperial control. In this time period, as during The Rebellion Era, The Sector Rangers act as a police force that enforces Imperial law across sector and planetary boundaries, with a jurisdiction rivaled only by the Sith Lords in charge of the Empire. The Sector Rangers continue to uphold the law, regardless of the lawmakers, and act as a space-based police force that operates across all governmental boundaries.

 Sector Rangers Nonheroic Units Edit

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Threats of the Galaxy
Police Officer CL 2 Standard officer of the law, charged with maintaining law and order in their respective jurisdictions.
Sector Ranger CL 7 Operatives trained in detective work, tracking criminals across Republic Space.
Special Enforcement Officer CL 13 SEOs are elite Sector Rangers known for infiltration and undercover work.
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