Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Legacy Era Campaign Guide

The Stalwart Subordinates Talent introduces a new concept of forcing an enemy to reroll and take the lowest result. This can cause some confusion when the target of this effect has the ability to reroll Skill Checks. When any reroll effects from different sources clash, resolve the Skill Check as follows: the character, creature, or Droid making the Skill Check makes its Skill Check first, including any rerolls it gains from its own abilities. Once the final result of the Skill Check is determined, apply any reroll effects from enemies.

For example, a Scoundrel makes a Deception check against an Officer's ally. The Scoundrel has the ability to reroll the Deception check, taking the better result. The Officer has the Stalwart Subordinates Talent. The Scoundrel makes their Skill Check first, rolling twice (A 14 and a 17) to take the better result (17). The Stalwart Subordinates effect then applies, requiring the Scoundrel to roll one more time (An 11), taking the lowest result. The Scoundrel's final Deception check result is 11.

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