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The Old Republic has known times of prosperity, of great upheaval, of hopelessness, and of renewal. But the half century following The Great Sith War is a favorite of historians for a good reason: it has all of those things- often at the same time!

The Republic prior to The Great With War retains trappings of the past, both in fashion and in behavior. Archaic wardrobe is in vogue during a brief revival that spans much of the Republic. Wealth coalesces in the hands of the few, including the Tapani dynasties and families with such names as Adasca, Zentine, Vanjervalis, and Draay. And the Republic sees The Jedi Order as a lifeline to the past, as a force for good.

The Great Sith War changes everything. This "Internal squabble over Jedi beliefs," as reporters first characterized it, takes untold lives and damages over 25% of the Republic's infrastructure. Though The Great Sith War begins seemingly as an internal conflict within the Empress Teta System, the chaos spreads outward from The Deep Core at an incredible rate. When The Mandalorians join the war, the Republic nearly finds itself overwhelmed, and attacks on Coruscant and other important worlds drive the real danger of this war home. While the Republic lets The Jedi deal with their traitorous comrades, the Republic military battles Mandalorians on one front and Krath warriors on another, trying to keep from being torn apart. After years of grueling conflict where worlds are leveled and the Republic is placed on the brink of total destruction, the tide turns, and eventually, with the help of The Jedi, the Republic wins the day.

The results of The Great Sith War are devastating. Entire worlds have been blasted back to pre-Hyperspace technology levels. Entire sectors vanish from communications channels, and go for months at a time without any news of their survival reaching the central systems of the Republic. Trade routes blazed over millennia require redevelopment at every stop. Piracy is rampant. The Republic, just as much a financial compact as a deliberate institution, fails to deliver on the basic premises of its creation.

Old Republic Relations Edit

Below summarizes the relations of The Old Republic with other notable Affiliations.

Affiliated Groups Edit

Organizations allied with The Old Republic:

The Old Republic Era
The Jedi Order Staunch defenders of The Old Republic.
Knights of the Galactic Republic While not necessarily affiliated with The Jedi Order, these knights are willing to lay down their lives for the sake of justice and freedom.

Unaffiliated Groups Edit

The Old Republic's relationships with unaffiliated organizations:

The Old Republic Era
The Sith Empire Main antagonists in all sub-eras of The Old Republic Era, whether they be overtly a threat or an underground threat.
The Mandalorians Main antagonists of the Old Republic during the Mandalorian Wars.

Old Republic Units Edit

Below is a list of directories to different Old Republic Units:

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