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O'reen is tightly controlled by the military government, which clamps down on attempts by civilians or visitors to upset the ruling order.

Life on O'reen is very similar to that under the totalitarian regime established by Emperor Palpatine at the end of the Clone Wars. The Magnus is the undisputed military commander, and since every citizen is a member of the military, The Magnus is also the supreme governmental authority. The only way to become a citizen of O'reen is to join the planetary militia; nonmilitary residents are labeled "Civilians" and are essentially indentured servants. Visitors from offworld are automatically considered to be civilians and thus subservient to the military unless they prove that they are members of another planet's armed forces or they offer fealty to The Magnus by enlisting in the O'reenian military. However, visitors are infrequent- over the centuries, O'reen has become very insular, preferring to keep its contact with outside cultures to a bare minimum.

As the highest-ranking member of the O'reenian Imperium, The Magnus is the ruler of a planet of combat-capable troops. Elected by a council of peers, The Magnus must have the political and tactical savvy to ensure that operations on O'reen continue undisturbed and to stave off challenges to his or her authority. As a talented and shrewd leader, The Magnus is capable of personally taking on all but the most dangerous of adversaries, but even so is accompanied by at least four elite guards at all times. In addition, the citizens of O'reen are always ready to answer a call to arms from their supreme commanding officer.

 Imperium Nonheroic Units[edit | edit source]

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Unknown Regions
O'reenian Researcher CL 3 Military-trained researchers, identifying new innovations in combat research.
O'reenian Military Supervisor CL 8 A crisp, precise officer overseeing the research in the Imperium's military.
Homebrew Content
O'reenian Trooper CL 1 A common footsoldier of the Imperium, trained in basic squad tactics and deployed in groups of three.
O'reenian Sharpshooter CL 3 Heavy firepower, trained in the use of devastating Concussion Rifles.
O'reenian Officer CL 5 Field officers with training in advanced tactics and forward commanding.
O'reenian Guardsman CL 9 Vanguard protectors of O'reen, personally commanded by The Magnus.
The Magnus CL 16 As the highest-ranking member of The O'reenian Imperium, The Magnus is the ruler of a planet of combat-capable troops.
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