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The New Republic is the galactic government established by The Rebel Alliance to replace The Galactic Empire after the Battle of Endor. Like it's predecessor, The Galactic Republic, it is often simply referred to as the Republic; less often, it is referred to as the New Galactic Republic or the Second Galactic Republic.

New Republic Relations[edit | edit source]

Below summarizes the relations of The New Republic with other notable Affiliations.

 Affiliated Groups[edit | edit source]

Organizations allied with The New Republic:

The New Jedi Order Era
The Jedi Order The reorganized Jedi Order headed by Luke Skywalker.
The Witches of Dathomir Individuals from the clans liberated from the tyranny of the Nightsisters by Luke Skywalker freely joined his academy to train in the ways of The Force.
The Jensaarai The Jensaarai sometimes send students to be taught at Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy now that the animosity between The Jedi and The Jensaarai has been eliminated with the rise of the New Jedi Order.

Unaffiliated Groups[edit | edit source]

The New Republic's relationships with unaffiliated organizations:

The New Jedi Order Era
The Galactic Empire Imperial Remnants lead by warlords. While not peaceful with The New Republic, few factions are actively at war.
The Yuuzhan Vong Empire The extragalactic antagonists of The New Republic before the reorganization into The Galactic Alliance.

New Republic Units[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of directories to different New Republic Units:

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