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After Admiral Stazi and the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet steal the prototype Imperious-Class Star Destroyer from the Dac shipyards, with help from former Triumvirate member Gial Gahan, Darth Krayt orders the execution of millions of Mon Calamari and has the remaining Mon Calamari rounded up into internment camps. Enraged, the Mon Calamari resolve to remind the new Emperor of the lessons they taught Emperor Palpatine. On Dac, a resistance movement ignites instantaneously, supported by Mon Calamari and their sympathizers throughout the galaxy.

Initially, the resistance groups are scattered and highly disorganized. Some rebel openly, while others begin to stockpile arms and resources for a much longer fight. Political rivals vie for leadership roles within the resistance. A few attempt to persuade the Quarren to abandon the Empire in protest, but these efforts are unsuccessful.

With the Imperial threat against Mon Calamari throughout the galaxy, an organized smuggling network is needed to rescue and transport Mon Calamari fleeing Imperial forces. While some resort to hiring professional smugglers, most Mon Calamari are aided by their own people using their own Starships. Thus was born the Ackbar Trail, a secret network of smuggling ships, safe houses, and hidden pathways that spirit away refugee Mon Calamari to isolated Space Stations, The Outer Rim, and, it is rumored, planets in The Unknown Regions. The Ackbar Trail was named in honor of Admiral Ackbar's famous journey from slavery under Grand Moff Tarkin to become a Rebel Alliance Admiral who defeated his former masters, the original Galactic Empire. Metaphorically speaking, the implications of the name are not lost on the Mon Calamari, and many now find themselves on a similar path.

Eventually, The Mon Calamari Resistance and the Ackbar Trail provide vital assistance to The Galactic Alliance in the form of recruits and resources, and may even someday spark the creation of effective rebel groups and resistance fighters throughout the galaxy.

 Mon Calamari Resistance Heroic Units Edit

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Legacy Era Campaign Guide
Gial Gahan CL 14 A former member of the Triumvirate, Gial Gahan returns to Mon Calamari to create The Mon Calamari Resistance following the Imperial takeover.

 Mon Calamari Resistance Nonheroic Units Edit

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Legacy Era Campaign Guide
Mon Calamari Resistance Member CL 2 A resistance agent on Mon Calamari, resisting the Imperial extermination of the Mon Calamari.
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