Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Unknown Regions

Equipment Type: Sith Artifacts

This Sith Artifact encourages the wearer to slowly destroy him- or herself for greater power. Anyone who does not possess Force-related Feats gains Force Sensitivity and Force Training while wearing the mask. A Jedi or Sith wearing the mask gains two Force Training Feats. At least half of the Force Powers gained in this manner must have the [Dark Side] descriptor.

The mask extracts a heavy toll from it's wearer. Each time the wearer uses a Force Power or spends a Force Point, he or she gains a Dark Side Point. Each time the wearer uses a number of Force Powers equal to his or her Constitution modifier in a single encounter, the wearer moves -1 step on the Condition Track and gains a Persistent Condition. The Persistent Condition is removed only when the wearer takes off the mask.

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