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The Kilia System lies in an area of space marked "Unknown" on most astrogation charts. Over a thousand years ago, Humans colonized Kilia IV, the sole habitable planet in the system, bringing with them only the basic requirements to begin an agricultural colony. Since that time, the Kilians' technology has faded. They have only a handful of functioning technological devices, and their society has adapted to their situation. Kilians live in a basic feudal system, with a noble class ruling over the common working class of farmers and other merchants.

Though Kilia IV has no Jedi, it does have Force-sensitive inhabitants. Perhaps guided by what little the colonists knew of the old Jedi Order, the Kilians developed their own Force-using tradition, The Kilian Rangers. This small group defends the people of Kilia IV and enforces the law. The Kilian Rangers do not have Lightsabers, but they have a similar affinity for the Siang Lance and the Shield Gauntlet. Like a Jedi's Lightsaber, these devices serve as badges of office and as combat instruments. Kilian Rangers have three ranks- Kilian Squire, Kilian Ranger, and Kilian Lord- that are roughly analogous to the ranks of Padawan, Jedi Knight, and Jedi Master respectively.

Of course, where The Force exists, so too does The Dark Side. Some Kilian Rangers fall into its embrace and follow their own desires, believing themselves too powerful to waste their time defending the peasants of Kilia IV. Those individuals take the title of Kilian Renegade.

Members of The Kilian Rangers Force Tradition can select Talents from the Kilian Ranger Talent Tree.

Membership Edit

A Kilian who has the Force Sensitivity Feat can become a member of this Force Tradition by being accepted as a Squire to an existing Kilian Lord or Ranger. The candidate will be accepted only if there are fewer than five current Kilian Rangers (Squires, Rangers, and Lords combined).

 Kilian Ranger Heroic Units Edit

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The Rise of the Empire Era Edit

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Homebrew Content
Gajakur Biul CL 12 A Kilian Lord that helped unite the noble houses of Kilia, driving the Kilian Renegades into the distant badlands.

 Kilian Ranger Nonheroic Units Edit

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Threats of the Galaxy
Force Adept CL 8 A common Force-user, almost universal in their Force techniques.
Web Enhancements
Human Force Adept CL 3 A low-level Force-user with basic training in survival and The Force.
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