The Jensaarai sect of Force-users came into existence near the end of the Clone Wars and is relatively young compared to other Force Traditions. Founded by an Anzati Dark Jedi, Nikkos Tyris, The Jensaarai blend teachings of Jedi and Sith philosophy to form something altogether different. Unfortunately, a short time after Tyris and a band of rogue Jedi split off to form their movement, the Jedi Council dispatched several Jedi Knights to put an end to their rebellion. The Jedi accomplished their mission, killing Tyris and his comrades, but unknowingly leaving behind the families and students of the new Jensaarai Tradition. The surviving Jensaarai laid in wait as Darth Vader's purge of The Jedi swept through the galaxy, coming close to extinction themselves on occasion but surviving nonetheless. After the fall of the Empire, Luke Skywalker and Corran Horn discovered The Jensaarai and made them fast allies, even bringing some of them into The New Jedi Order.

The Jensaarai walk a dangerous line between light and darkness. Though their Dark Jedi Masters died early at the hand's of the council's agents, The Jensaarai followers retained much of their philosophy (If not The Sith secrets) that Tyris had used to found the order. The Jensaarai resemble both The Jedi and The Sith in many ways; they construct and wield Lightsabers, they defend their planet from hostile forces, and they have a strong grasp of The Force and its ways. Still, they remain quite different in other respects. Jensaarai Defenders construct suits of armor, fashioning them after creatures they feel fit their personalities, and they can be violent and ruthless when necessary. Though many Jensaarai Defenders run the risk of falling to The Dark Side, very few actually do, as discipline and awareness of the repercussions of their actions are two of the most important tenets of Jensaarai training.

Members of The Jensaarai gain access to the Jensaarai Defender Talent Tree.

Membership Edit

Any character with the Force Sensitivity Feat can become a member of the Jensaarai Tradition by being accepted as an apprentice by a Force Adept or Force Disciple who is a member of The Jensaarai. In addition, any character with the Force Sensitivity Feat who is native to the Suarbi System (During The Rise of the Empire Era and onward) is likely a member of The Jensaarai tradition.

 Jensaarai Nonheroic Units Edit

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The following lists typical Jensaarai characters within the Star Wars universe.

Threats of the Galaxy
Force Adept CL 8 A common Force-user, almost universal in their Force techniques.
Jensaarai Defender CL 8 Armored defenders of The Jensaarai and their families.
Web Enhancements
Human Force Adept CL 3 A low-level Force-user with basic training in survival and The Force.
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