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The Inner Rim, also called the Inner Rim Planets, or the Inner Rim Territories, is a region of the galaxy between The Colonies and The Expansion Region.

Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide
Manaan A major point of interest during The Jedi Civil War, Manaan is the only producer of Kolto, and is controlled exclusively by the native Selkath.
Onderon One of eight planets in the Japrael system, Onderon has a temperate climate, and was once home to a primitive race of Humanoids.
Telerath An Inner Rim banking world, the home of the Telerath Interstellar Banking Initiative.
Legacy Era Campaign Guide
Champala The homeworld of the Chagrian, Champala is an ocean covered world ruled by a "Democracy" under Imperial rule.
Zeltros In Zeltros, an opulent world continuously in a state of never ending revelry, hedonism is the world doctrine encouraged by the empathetic Zeltrons.
Jedi Academy Training Manual
Dxun The final resting place of Freedon Nadd, and a potent site of The Dark Side.
Scavenger's Guide to Droids
Mechis III A major Droid manufacturing world, primarily in use by Arakyd Industries and the Techno Union.
Telti An industrialized moon almost completely self-sufficient with its facilities.
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