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The HoloNet is an interstellar instantaneous communication system that allows planets to stay in contact despite the vast distances between systems. A HoloNet Transceiver transmits and receives information through Hyperspace, allowing the communications to travel millions of times faster than the speed of light across vast distances. Countless Hyperwave Transceivers (Simple satellites equipped with a variety of communications gear) are embedded in Hyperspace and transmit signals from one side of the galaxy to the other. This network allows for instantaneous, three-dimensional holographic communication for space fleets and planetary governments. During the Clone Wars and the reign of the Empire, the HoloNet is reserved for military use only, and news must be transmitted between worlds by other means (Such as subspace radio relays). However, some slicers are able to connect to HoloNet satellites and broadcast pirate signals across the network, gaining access to its information and enabling clandestine transmissions. A HoloNet node's security is difficult to penetrate, however (Will Defense 20, Hostile).

Most smaller military vessels have Hyperstranceivers, allowing access to the HoloNet and instantaneous communication over great distances but lacking the bandwidth and range of a HoloNet Transceiver.

The Imperial HoloNet Edit

Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Rebellion Era Campaign Guide

For Imperial citizens, The HoloNet is the most important source of information in The Rebellion Era. With thousands of channels in thousands of languages covering millions of subjects daily, The HoloNet is a wellspring of information.

What citizens do not realize, however, is that the Empire heavily censors The HoloNet. Some channels are blocked outright, and news stories are routinely removed from broadcasts and revised to case the stories in terms more favorable to the Empire.

Even so, news is broadcast as events happen and is retracted or "Corrected" only after the initial report reaches the public. Certain maverick reporters have joined the Rebellion specifically to report stories as they happen, transmit them on live feeds to news officers around the galaxy, and then get away before the Empire shows up to arrest them. Punishments for broadcasting anti-Empire "Propaganda" are severe- many ex-reporters now labor in the spice mines of Kessel- but that does not stop those dedicated to bringing the truth to the Empire's citizens by any means available.

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