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Fringers live at the edge of society, criminals, independents, traders, and mercenaries of all kinds consider themselves fringers. While not all members of The Fringe are criminals (Certainly, many are hard-working and honest folk), anyone who operates far from the seat of galactic power or outside the bounds of the law can be considered part of The Fringe.

Fringe Relations Edit

Within The Fringe exist many different criminal groups, each operating on various stages of legality and criminality. The following are the most prominent Fringe organizations that may be encountered.

Black Sun A criminal syndicate found operating in the outer reaches of space.
The Blazing Claw One of the most infamous and deadly pirate crews in the known galaxy. Often romanticized in popular Holovids.
The Crimson Axe A pirate gang led by Rav, typically encountered in The Legacy Era.
The GenoHaradan A secret society of assassins, often using major political assassinations to shift the galaxy into their own ideal.

Fringe Units Edit

Below is a list of directories to different Fringe Units:

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