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Flesh Raiders are a Species of mutated soldiers who originally served The Infinite Empire. Originally lower-caste members of the Rakata Species, they were mutated and bred by The Infinite Empire by the thousands as soldiers. By the time of The Great Galactic War, some Flesh Raiders survived on the planet Tython.

Flesh Raiders Relations Edit

Affiliated Groups Edit

The Flesh Raiders' relationships with affiliated organizations:


The Pre-Republic Era

The Infinite Empire Flesh Raiders are mutated lower-caste soldiers, used as front-line combatants.

Unaffiliated Groups Edit

The Flesh Raiders' relationships with unaffiliated organizations:

The Old Republic Era
The Jedi Flesh Raiders waged against both The Jedi Order and the local Kalikori Village around the time of The Great Galactic War.

 Flesh Raiders Nonheroic Units Edit

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The following lists typical Flesh Raiders characters within the Star Wars universe.

Flesh Raider Fanatic CL 1 Lowest member of Flesh Raider society, unquestioningly following their "Religion" and primal instincts.
Flesh Raider CL 3 Typical member of Flesh Rider society.
Flesh Raider Shaman CL 4 Spiritual leaders of Flesh Raiders and their ilk.
Flesh Raider Scout CL 5 Flesh Raider hunters, finding prey for their allies and taking note of non-Flesh Raider sentients in the area.
Flesh Raider Soldier CL 6 Flesh Raider warriors, who take great pride in their strength.
Flesh Raider Chieftain CL 7 Leader of a Flesh Raider tribe or clan.
Flesh Raider Warmaster CL 7 Warmaster of Flesh Raider patrols, commanding several Flesh Raiders to strike their enemies.
Flesh Raider Bladewielder CL 8 Flesh Raider with basic knowledge of The Force, possessing stolen Jedi Lightsabers.
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