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Native to the Force-rich world of Felucia, The Felucian Shamans are among the most talented natural Force-users in the galaxy. The world of Felucia is tied intimately to The Living Force, and as such the world's flora and fauna, including the Felucians themselves, can be influenced by the presence of strong agents of The Force, both light and dark. The members of the Shaman caste of Felucia, aware of this potential danger, always ensure that any of their brethren who fall to the Dark Side are immediately executed in the Ancient Abyss- the resting place of one of the largest Sarlaccs in the galaxy. The Shamans fear, and rightly so, that allowing a powerful agent of the Dark Side to live on their world will corrupt not only their fellow Felucians but the planet itself.

The Felucian Shamans study the ways of The Force and use it to protect their people from the dangers native to the fungal world. These Shamans learn to manipulate the Force Blast Force Power that is second nature to al their people, using it to much greater effect. Additionally, most Felucian Shamans study the healing arts and are exceptionally good at treating the various injuries and maladies that are common on such a wild, untamed world. Felucian Shamans draw upon the power of the world around them for strength, and they train their fellow Shamans to stay away from the Dark Side lest it corrupt the entire planet.

Those few Felucians who show both interest and exceptional aptitude in The Force are usually trained in the ways of Shamanism whether they want to be or not. The Shamans of Felucia cannot risk a potentially powerful Force-user growing up among them without receiving the training needed to avoid the lure of the Dark Side. These Shamans are extremely careful about who they share their secrets with, and only a small handful of Force-users from other worlds have ever been trained by The Felucian Shamans.

Members of The Felucian Shamans Force Tradition can select Talents from the Felucian Shaman Talent Tree.

Membership Edit

Only Felucians who are Trained in the Use the Force Skill are accepted into the ranks of The Felucian Shamans.

 Felucian Shaman Heroic Units Edit

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Shaak Ti CL 14 One of the last surviving Jedi Council members, now healing the world of Felucia and training the native Shamans.

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Maris Brood, Padawan CL 6 A traumatized survivor of Order 66, now training under Shaak Ti and the Shamans in search of healing.
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