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When Darth Krayt deposes Emperor Roan Fel, killing his body double and seizing the throne, he does more than install himself as the ruler of the galaxy: he creates a faction within the Empire that rebels against Sith rule. Following Krayt's ascent to the position of Emperor, Roan Fel, the third Emperor of the Fel Dynasty, flees with his most loyal associates into exile. Retreating to Bastion, Roan Fel sets up his own Empire-in-Exile, drawing his most trusted allies close to him and opposing Darth Krayt's Empire.

The Fel Empire is mostly the same as The Galactic Empire as it existed prior to the conclusion of The Sith-Imperial War. It has the same technology, the same kinds of troops, and many of the same philosophies as Krayt's Empire. The differences between the two Empires is that Roan Fel rules with hard benevolence, while Krayt continues to rule as a tyrant. Roan Fel's Empire is no friend of The Sith, and despite only semi-successful efforts to court alliances with both The Galactic Alliance and the remaining Jedi, The Fel Empire has managed to repel Darth Krayt's forces and foil attempts on the lives of both Roan Fel and his daughter, Marasiah.

The existence of this rebellious Imperial faction sows turmoil within The Galactic Empire. Those loyal to Darth Krayt have been charged with hunting down and exterminating those who defected to Roan Fel's side, leading to constant conflicts between two Imperial forces. Moreover, Roan Fel's survival breeds mistrust among those in Krayt's Empire, as there is often no way to tell which Emperor a given Imperial agent is loyal. Officers eye one another warily, never knowing whether they are secretly dealing with a traitor who supports Roan Fel or a lapdog of The Sith.

The Fel Empire is constantly working to undo the deeds perpetrated by the Sith usurper on the Imperial throne. Though this Empire-in-Exile must work covertly, there have been many full-scale military encounters between the two factions. Meanwhile, Fel's agents continue to undertake clandestine missions to win planets over to his faction, hoping that one day the number of planets loyal to Fel will be great enough that he can launch an assault on The Sith and have the backing to dispose Darth Krayt and drive The Sith from the galaxy.

 Fel Empire Relations Edit

Below summarizes the relations of The Fel Empire with other notable Affiliations.

Affiliated Groups Edit

Organizations allied with The Fel Empire:

The Legacy Era
The Galactic Alliance While not allies, the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet also wishes to see the end of Darth Krayt's rule.
The Imperial Knights Loyal protectors of the Emperor, these Force-sensitive guards serve as both guardians and advisors to Emperor Roan Fel.
The Imperial Mission A non-violent organization used to spread the "Victory Without War" program. While officially loyal to Darth Krayt, many missionaries are sympathetic to The Fel Empire.

Unaffiliated Groups Edit

The Galactic Empire's relationships with unaffiliated organizations:

The Legacy Era
The Galactic Empire The opposing Empire usurped by Darth Krayt following The Sith-Imperial War.
The Sith Lead by Darth Krayt, The Sith have usurped the Imperial throne, splitting the Empire in two.

Fel Empire Units Edit

Below is a list of directories to different Fel Empire Units:

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