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The Expansion Region, first known as the Expansion Rim, is located between The Inner Rim and The Mid Rim in the galaxy.

Saga Edition Core Rulebook
Dorin Dorin is a dark and dusty planet in The Expansion Region. It is the homeworld of the Kel Dors, with an unique atmospheric makeup.
Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide
Alpheridies A mountainous world of independent city-states and the homeworld of the Miraluka.
Clone Wars Campaign Guide
Iktotch A craggy moon that hosts the rugged Iktotchi.
Kerkoidia A temperate world that falls to the Separatists early in the Clone Wars. It is home to the predatorial Kerkoidens.
Web Enhancements
Almas A world terraformed by the Sith Lord Darth Rivan in the Cularin System.
Cathar Casualty of the Mandalorian Wars
Homebrew Content
Cularin A jungle world full of reptilian Beasts and mysterious ch'hala trees, home to the lizard-like Tarasin.
Dorumaa The resort moon of Dorumaa, which orbits Almas, is one of the more popular tourist attractions in The Expansion Region.
Kinyen A agricultural world home to the highly sociable Gran.
Pasaana The desert planet of the sociable Aki-Aki is full of life and culture, and the Festival of the Ancestors.
Shili A world of temperate wilderness in The Expansion Region, Shili is home to the spiritual Togrutas.
Thustra A mountainous world vast beautiful ranges and vast plains, Thustra is a major cultural world of The Expansion Region.
Yinchorr A desert world home to the hardy Yinchorri, common laborers found throughout the galaxy.
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