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The Ember of Vahl is a cult that worships Vahl, a goddess of fiery destruction. The membership of the cult is primarily made up of the Vahla, a nomadic Near-Human Species that plies the galaxy in an endless search for their homeworld. The ancestors of the cult were decadent and twisted beings that lived only to serve their goddess. Because of their destructive tendencies and devotion to The Dark Side, they were decimated by the Jedi Knights several thousand years ago. In the millennia since, their descendants have eked out an existence as interstellar vagabonds.

Small-scale piracy and petty theft is used to fuel the limited economy of the Vahla. They are also known to abduct individuals for use as sacrifices to their goddess. Though individual Vahla often set out on their own, all members of the Species are expected to heed the demands of a central coven that consists of six priests who have been "Chosen" by Vahl. The priests consult with Vahl via Farseeing, interpret omens, and make policy for their people. Being true disciples of their goddess, the six Chosen of Vahl scar themselves in a display of faith and devotion.

Vahl is an embodiment of the destructive nature of The Dark Side of The Force. It is thought that the original Vahl was a powerful Force Adept who led her people to take control of their lost homeworld prior to being destroyed by The Jedi. She is often depicted as a mature female Vahla with smoldering black eyes and flowing ash-white hair.

Because of their Species' defeat in ages long past, the Vahla remain embittered and hateful of The Jedi Order. During The Dark Times, a number of Vahla helped the Empire hunt down Jedi Knights. In The Legacy Era, this tradition continues, with Vahla plying the galaxy as independent bounty hunters.

Members of The Ember of Vahl gain access to the Ember of Vahl Talent Tree.

Membership[edit | edit source]

Not surprisingly, most members of The Ember of Vahl are of the Vahla Species. On the rare occasion that they accept non-Vahla into their ranks, the individual must possess the Force Sensitivity Feat and must demonstrate their faith through a number of dangerous and fiery trials. Despite the fact that all Vahla are born Force-sensitive, not all of them become members of The Ember of Vahl.

 Ember of Vahl Heroic Units[edit | edit source]

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Homebrew Content

Iellax Blaise CL 9 A friendly fringer that marks potential sacrifices. Remarkably cheery despite being part of a death cult.

 Ember of Vahl Nonheroic Units[edit | edit source]

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Threats of the Galaxy
Force Adept CL 8 A common Force-user, almost universal in their Force techniques.
Homebrew Content
Ember of Vahl Initiate CL 2 Young initiates undergoing training by Bladeborns and Firebrands.
Ember of Vahl Bladeborn CL 6 Martial specialists that wield both blade and fist in the honor of Vahl.
Ember of Vahl Firebrand CL 8 Experienced Vahl members, trained extensively in the use of Fire and The Force.
Ember of Vahl Flame Dancer CL 12 Experienced priests and priestesses trained in the ceremonial rituals of The Ember of Vahl.
Ember of Vahl Nova Priest CL 16 Six priests and priestesses that act as the speakers of Vahl's will.
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