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The Deep Core is a brightly lit region of the galaxy that lay at its very heart. A densely packed mass of stars and planets, the Deep Core is dangerous to navigate and largely left alone by galactic explorers. At its center exists an ancient, supermassive black hole that binds the galaxy together.

Homebrew Content
Byss The mysterious planet Byss lies at the heart of the Imperial holdings in The Deep Core.
Ebaq 9 A moon above the planet Ebaq scouted by the Empire but never settled.
Eclipse Built on a planet deep inside a massive asteroid, the Eclipse base was used by The Jedi and compliant members of The New Republic as a hidden base from which strikes were launched against the Yuuzhan Vong.
Empress Teta A hub of galactic civilization and exploration within The Deep Core.
Khomm Home to the Khommite Species, Khomm is a strictly regimented and organized world whose cities are laid out in a grid pattern and whose other infrastructure is meticulously planned generations in advance.
Prakith A foremost fortress world of the Empire, cementing the Imperial hold on The Deep Core.
Tsoss Beacon Originally built by Droids and suicide workers on a barren lump of rock, Tsoss Beacon is an abandoned space station first used as a safe haven and refuge for travelers moving throughout The Deep Core.
Vulpter A highly industrialized world that can only be called a tragedy of callousness.
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