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This page details The Crimson Axe Affiliation. You might be looking for the Starship of the same name, The Crimson Axe.

The Crimson Axe

For campaigns featuring Fringe or underworld adventures, The Crimson Axe provides many opportunities. If the adventure is set in the early years of The Legacy Era, Rav and his pirates are still active and might be found virtually anywhere. They could attack the heroes' ship or settlement. The bold pirates might even target lightly armed Galactic Alliance ships or locations. On the other hand, if the player characters are less than heroic, they might join the pirate crew for a time.

If the campaign is set after Rav has settled down on Socorro, The Crimson Axe could be used as a base of operations for up-and-coming bounty hunters and other underworld fringers. Even if the character do not operate directly out of the ship, they might stop by occasionally to pick up new instruments or collect on bounties. They could work directly for Rav, or Rav might take a cut out of their spoils serving as an intermediary between the heroes and various underworld organizations. The heroes might even attempt to infiltrate The Crimson Axe, in an attempt to free a captured friend or at the behest of another patron.

Dealing with Rav is always tricky. The scheming Feeorin works hard to keep his underlings an associates under his thumb. Bounty payoffs are high, but Rav charges extra fees whenever he can, especially when the characters are in need of additional services. Rav can arrange docking privileges, either on The Crimson Axe or at docking bays within Kilee-Kor, as well as provide parts, repair services, supplies, Death Sticks, spice, or virtually anything else that the characters might request- but always at a significant fee. He will even offer badly needed or desired items on credit, just to keep his associates in his dept. In this case, the more expensive, the better.

Rav's associates are an everchanging court of scoundrels, pirates, and general lowlifes. Consider using or adopting any Nonheroic Fringers to fill out Rav's court and followers.

Crimson Axe Heroic Units Edit

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Legacy Era Campaign Guide
Rav CL 12 The captain of The Crimson Axe, now runs a bounty clearing house on Socorro with the remainder of his crew.

 Crimson Axe Nonheroic Units Edit

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Saga Edition Core Rulebook
Bounty Hunter CL 7 An individual who hunts others for Credits, bringing them back dead or alive.
Threats of the Galaxy
Pirate CL 6 The grunts of piracy, skilled in close quarters; as well as mechanics and piloting.
Pirate Captain CL 11 Leader of the ship, typically heading a Space Transport, but higher stakes captains might even have a Capital Ship to command.
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