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The Core Worlds (Also known as the Galactic Core and, during the time of the Empire, the Imperial Core) are some of the most prestigious, well-developed, well-known, least politically restrictive and heavily populated planets in the galaxy. The Core is the hub of galactic culture, finance, technology, education, and fine arts. Noble houses hold a great deal of influence in this region and almost every interstellar company has offices or are headquartered in the Core Worlds. In astrophysical terms, The Core denotes the central area of the galaxy, and in broad terms this was true enough, but the precise usage of the term was often more complex.

Saga Edition Core Rulebook
Coruscant Coruscant is the heart of The Republic, home to both The Senate and the Jedi Temple.
Duro Duro is the homeworld of the Duros, although most now live in one of twenty orbital cities, rather than the planet's surface.
Force Unleashed Campaign Guide
Alderaan A pacifistic planet governed by the monarch Bail Organa. Believed to be in secret partnerships with the growing rebellion.
Caamas A once lush and vibrant world, Caamas was devastated by orbital bombardment shortly after the Empire's rise to power.
Chandrila A major hub of democracy and agriculture during the reign of Emperor Palpatine.
Corellia A major manufacturing planet within The Core, Corellia is infamous for the smugglers that seem to spawn from it's depths.
Corulag A major population center, and an early and loyal supporter of Palpatine's New Order.
Kuat An industrial world manufacturing a significant amount of Imperial Starships, including their dreaded Star Destroyers.
New Plympto A temperate world home to the native Nosaurians. As one of the few Separatist holdouts, it was cracked down on especially hard by the Empire.
Ralltiir The primary financial hub of the galaxy and the Empire, replacing Muunilinst after its destruction during the Clone Wars.
Salliche A critical agricultural world, supplying much of the foodstuffs needed for the Core Worlds.
Web Enhancements
Skako A World Under Pressure
Homebrew Content
Alsakan A heavily populated world that vied for dominance during The Pre-Republic Era in the Alsakan Conflicts.
Anaxes A fortress-world known as the "Defender of the Core," a keystone of Republic and Imperial military might.
Brentaal IV A vital Hyperspace junction connecting The Core to The Colonies, making it a wealthy world rich from commerce.
Esseles A warm and damp world, heavily populated in the fertile areas left by recent volcanic activity.
Hosnian Prime The capital of The New Republic, Hosnian Prime is a cosmopolitan world on the outskirts of the galaxy's Core Worlds region.
Inysh A beautiful and tranquil world, home to the Abinyshi and one of the first major spacefaring civilizations.
Nubia A planet rich in agricultural, and a staunch ally of Corellia due to their close proximity.
N'zoth Home of the Yevetha, N'zoth is a world of aggression and rampant xenophobia.
Rhinnal A world of beauty, with crisp air and immense glaciers filling the scenery.
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