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The Colonies, also known as the Colonies Regions, is a region of the galaxy between The Core and The Inner Rim. Due to its close proximity to the galaxy’s economic and political powerhouse, The Core, the Colonies is a wealthy region consisting of booming industrial worlds, trade centers, and garden worlds.

Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide
Arkania A frigid iceball, home to the Arkanians, and their wealth of research outposts and labs.
Belnar A swampy world full of marshlands, home to the democratic Khil.
Clone Wars Campaign Guide
Cato Neimoidia The oldest of the Neimoidian purse worlds, only the richest were allowed to live on the planet.
Web Enhancements
Devaron A lush world of low mountains and deep valleys, presided over by the Devaronians.
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