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Legendary in its influence, The Bothan SpyNet is one of the most far-reaching intelligence organizations in the galaxy. Obtaining information from The Bothan SpyNet is no simple matter, since it wilt not just give information out to anyone with credits. Making contact with an agent of the SpyNet requires a DC 25 Gather Information check to locate a hidden individual. Once contact has been made with The SpyNet, a hero can request information that might normally be out of his or her reach. A hero who has made contact with The SpyNet can put in a request for information, and The SpyNet makes a Gather Information check on his or her behalf. Depending on how much money an individual is willing to spend, SpyNet agents will put more effort Into discovering the sought-after information. A SpyNet agent then makes a Gather Information check at a bonus that varies based on how many credits the hero paid for the agent's time and efforts.

For every 350 credits the hero spends; the SpyNet agent's Gather Information bonus increases by 1. Thus, for a Gather Information cheek at +5, a hero must pay 1,750 credits. For a Gather Information check at +20, a hero must pay 7,000 credits. The credits go toward the expenses associated with discovering the information, as well as to the SpyNet agent's personal funds. Unlike most Gather Information checks, a SpyNet agent's Skill Checks are not limited to the local vicinity or even to information available on a computer network, and the information can be about almost anything in the galaxy. Normal rules for Gather Information checks still apply (Though credits paid to a SpyNet agent count as bribe money).

 Bothan SpyNet Nonheroic Units Edit

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Threats of the Galaxy

Bothan Spy CL 8 An agent of the SpyNet, fiercely loyal to organization.
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Bothan Commando CL 5 Military infiltrators with specialized combat training.
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