Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Jedi Academy Training Manual

You have mastered the art of mental manipulation, using The Force to touch, read, and affect the minds of others with ease.

Mind Probe Edit

When you touch a living creature with an Intelligence score of 3 or higher, you can use The Force to probe its mind for secrets. You must be adjacent to the target, and using the Mind Probe is a Full-Round Action. If the target is unwilling, you must succeed on a Use the Force check, equaling or exceeding the target's Will Defense. This ability otherwise functions exactly as the Gather Information Skill's Learn News and Rumors, Learn Secret Information, and Locate Individual applications. Your Use the Force check must still exceed the base Gather Information Skill DCs in order to retrieve the information you seek, but you need not pay anything in bribes, and you retrieve the information as a part of the Full-Round Action. Failing the Skill Check by 5 or more does not cause someone to notice that you are seeking the information.

Perfect Telepathy Edit

You can communicate in full sentences and complete thoughts when you use the Telepathy aspect of the Use the Force Skill, instead of just in basic phrases. However, the target of your Telepathy can still only communicate in basic emotions or single thoughts.

Psychic Citadel Edit

You gain a Force bonus to your Will Defense equal to your Class Level.

Psychic Defenses Edit

Prerequisite: Psychic Citadel Talent

Whenever another creature targets you with a Force Power with the [Mind-Affecting] descriptor, it automatically takes Force damage equal to 1d6 x your Wisdom modifier (Minimum x1).

Telepathic Intruder Edit

Whenever you use a Force Power with the [Mind-Affecting] descriptor successfully against a target, until the end of your next turn you gain a +2 Force bonus on Skill Checks made to activate [Mind-Affecting] Force Powers and Force Talents against that same target.

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