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Talents are a unique ability that allow a character to perform extraordinary deeds. These deeds cannot be done by just anyone, and are primarily based on that particular creature's Class. Every Talent can be found in a Talent Tree, which is a collection of Talents with similar functions.

At 1st level and every odd-numbered Heroic Level thereafter (3rd, 5th, 7th, etc.), a character gains a Talent from any one of the Talent Trees available to the Heroic Class or Prestige Class. Any Talent in the Tree may be chosen, but the prerequisites (If any) must be met. No Talent can be chosen more than once unless expressly indicated.

Talent Trees, in general, can be divided into two primary types: Class Talent Trees, and Force Talent Trees. Class Talent Trees are Talent Trees that are only available to specific Heroic Classes, or Prestige Classes, and are noted on this page.

Talent Trees List[]

The following Talent Trees are available in the Saga Edition Core Rulebook:

Armor Specialist Talent Tree You can maximize the benefits of wearing Armor while reducing or eliminating some of its drawbacks.
Awareness Talent Tree You are exceptionally good at noticing things and avoiding perilous situations.
Bounty Hunter Talent Tree The nature of their work requires Bounty Hunters to associate with the scum of the universe. You are among the finest Bounty Hunters in the galaxy, relying on the element of surprise and your hunter's instincts to catch your prey.
Brawler Talent Tree You like to get "Up close and personal" with your enemies and engage them in melee combat.
Camouflage Talent Tree You learn quickly how to blend in with your environment.
Commando Talent Tree You use advanced combat tactics to take down enemies quickly, shield your comrades, and endure whatever challenges are thrown your way.
Dark Side Devotee Talent Tree Your powerful negative emotions allow The Dark Side to flow through you, giving you great power.
Duelist Talent Tree Through rigorous training and experience, you become one of the greatest swordfighters in the galaxy.
Expert Pilot Talent Tree The Ace Pilot relies on finely honed instincts and years of pilot training to outmaneuver and destroy enemy Starships.
Force Adept Talent Tree Force Adepts use The Force to survive on fringe worlds, and they often have signature Force Powers that they use particularly well.
Force Item Talent Tree You can imbue Weapons and objects with the power of The Force.
Fortune Talent Tree Many Scoundrels like to gamble with destiny, putting everything on the line and trusting fate (Or The Force) to bring them fortune, fame, and success.
Fringer Talent Tree You're especially skilled at "Getting by" on backwater worlds.
Gunner Talent Tree Many Starship Gunners are skilled both in and out of the cockpit and are deadly with ranged Weapons of any kind.
Gunslinger Talent Tree You never travel anywhere without a blaster (Or two), and you know how to handle yourself in a gunfight.
Infamy Talent Tree You are wanted in multiple systems for criminal acts; and your manner of doing business has earned you an unsavory reputation in the criminal underworld.
Influence Talent Tree One of your greatest strengths is your ability to exert influence over your opponents.
Inspiration Talent Tree Nobles are renowned for their ability to inspire their followers and urge them to greatness. You can often get results out of their friends, allies, and followers that other leaders cannot.
Jedi Consular Talent Tree Jedi that follow the path of the consular are skilled negotiators and talented ambassadors. You prefer to use the strength of your words and the wisdom The Force provides to solve conflicts.
Jedi Guardian Talent Tree Jedi that follow the path of the guardian are more combat-oriented than other Jedi, honing their skills to become deadly combatants.
Jedi Sentinel Talent Tree The Jedi that follow the path of the sentinel are the true enemies of The Dark Side, hunting down evil and stopping the spread of darkness wherever they go. You are a mastery of subtlety and difficult to tempt with The Dark Side, even when constantly confronted with its power.
Leadership Talent Tree A born leader, you know how to change and lead your companions and followers to success.
Lightsaber Combat Talent Tree The Lightsaber is the chosen weapon of the Jedi. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster, the Lightsaber is an elegant weapon for a more civilized combatant.
Lightsaber Forms Talent Tree You have refined your knowledge of Lightsaber technique, your blade becoming an extension of yourself. Anyone using a Lightsaber may use one of these forms, but you have the discipline and patience to become a true master of the form.
Lineage Talent Tree You lead a privileged life and reap the benefit of an upbringing beyond most citizens of the galaxy.
Mastermind Talent Tree You have the ability to attract loyal minions and are skilled at redirecting allies on the battlefield.
Military Tactics Talent Tree Officers study old battles, looking for historic examples of good military tactics. You are an expert at leading troops into battle and using the battlefield to your advantage.
Misfortune Talent Tree Your mother always said you were trouble. Now your enemies know it, too.
Sith Talent Tree The Sith tradition believes in order through tyranny. In ancient days, Sith warriors battled Jedi Knights for galactic supremacy until, finally, the few surviving Sith were driven into hiding. since then, The Sith have conspired to annihilate The Jedi and everything they stand for.
Slicer Talent Tree You move like a ghost through The HoloNet and can hack into enemy mainframes and computer systems with astonishing grace.
Spacer Talent Tree You pron the space lanes seeking wealth, fame, adventure, or something more. You're also pretty good with Vehicles in general.
Survivor Talent Tree As an explorer of dangerous places, you are trained to react to danger swiftly and adroitly, as well as navigate Difficult Terrain and reduce damage.
Weapon Master Talent Tree You are skilled at wielding a variety of Weapons and can wield choice Weapons with deadly precision and force.
Weapon Specialist Talent Tree You are highly trained at using specific Weapons.

Additional Talent Trees Lists[]

The following lists are available Talent Trees that appear in the additional books released to supplement the Saga Edition Core Rulebook:

Starships of the Galaxy[]

Naval Officer Talent Tree You are skilled at commanding Starships and small fleets.
Outlaw Tech Talent Tree Scoundrels learn a variety of tricks that allow them to squeeze more life out of ailing technology, enhancing their gear in ways the manufacturer never intended.
Squadron Leader Talent Tree You are an expert at leaving a squadron of smaller Vehicles into combat as a unit.

Threats of the Galaxy[]

Malkite Poisoner Talent Tree You have mastered the deadly arts of Poison from the masters on Malkii. You can employ a wide array of lethal toxins with which you can quickly and efficiently destroy your targets.
Master of Teräs Käsi Talent Tree Teräs Käsi is a powerful and deadly martial arts form that enables its wielder to deal devastating amounts of Unarmed damage.

Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide[]

Corporate Power Talent Tree You are an extension of your corporation and wield their power as your own.
Fencing Talent Tree In the days of The Old Republic, the fine art of swordplay was stylish among Nobles. A particular style arose mixing martial precision with forceful panache.
Gladiatorial Combat Talent Tree You have learned the tricks of fighting in the gladiatorial arena. These Talents represent your knowledge of this specialized combination of combat and showmanship.
Hyperspace Explorer Talent Tree You are an experienced deep-space explorer who has learned a few tricks along the way that help you survive both in space and planet-side.
Jedi Battlemaster Talent Tree Jedi Battlemasters are highly trained in Jedi combat techniques. They serve as the head combat trainers for Jedi organizations and as Jedi commanders on the battlefield. Many Battlemasters begin their careers as Jedi Guardians.
Jedi Shadow Talent Tree Jedi Shadows are often elite Jedi Sentinels who specialize in abilities that aid them in pursuing dark side users in all forms and locations. These Talents are also utilized by Jedi Covenant Shadows.
Jedi Watchman Talent Tree Jedi Watchmen are elite Jedi tasked with protecting and watching over a specific world or region of space. They seek out and destroy threats to the Republic and Jedi Order. As such, they have enhanced their abilities to blend in and covertly investigate threats at their source. All Watchmen are appointed and approved by the Jedi Council before training; many begin as Jedi Consulars. A Watchman's assignment might change, as directed by the Council.
Mandalorian Warrior Talent Tree The Mandalorians are talented and ferocious warriors. Their skillful training, warrior culture, and advanced combat abilities make them formidable foes in any era.
Melee Duelist Talent Tree You are lethal when fighting with one or more melee Weapons.
Rocket Jumper Talent Tree You are an expert in the use of Jet Packs. You can use this form of transport to perform specialized aerial assaults and maneuvers.
Run and Gun Talent Tree Scoundrels find ways to slip through fights of any size, even when the odds are against them.

Force Unleashed Campaign Guide[]

Advanced Medicine Talent Tree You are highly trained in medical procedures for all conditions.
Autonomy Talent Tree You are able to resist any attempts to curb your independence and can fight back against anyone that tries to suppress your personality.
Bothan SpyNet Talent Tree You are trained to work within the famed Bothan SpyNet. The Bothan SpyNet is a secret collection of organic and electronic resources and personnel spread throughout the galaxy, accessed by computer or in person.
Critical Master Talent Tree Some Elite Troopers know exactly where to strike their foes to deal maximum damage, potentially crippling their enemies in the process.
Enforcement Talent Tree You are a trained investigator who can locate and apprehend a quarry with exceptional speed and prowess.
Ideologue Talent Tree Your zeal and dedication to your cause is inspirational. It motivates your allies and demoralizes your enemies.
Imperial Inquisitor Talent Tree The Imperial Inquisitors are a special group of dark Jedi who work for the Empire. Trained to hunt down and destroy the remaining Jedi whenever they are found, Imperial Inquisitors are steeped in the lore of The Dark Side.
Infiltration Talent Tree You are trained to secretly infiltrate enemy strongholds and organizations by force or by guile.
Mercenary Talent Tree Mercenaries are blasters-for-hire who sell their services to the highest bidder. Though money might motivate them, few types of soldiers are more capable of operating independently.
Privateer Talent Tree You are a veteran of privateering and have learned the secrets of fighting aboard Starships.
Sabotage Talent Tree You are skilled at improvising Weapons, handling Explosives, and disrupting the enemy.
Smuggling Talent Tree Smuggling is part skill, part talent, part luck. The most notorious smugglers in the galaxy get along by making use of their quick wits and savvy.
Specialized Droid Talent Tree You have become more specialized than other Droids of the same or a similar model.
Spy Talent Tree Scouts are often capable of getting into areas unseen, and they make excellent spies thanks to their survival instincts and aptitude for stealth.
Turret Talent Tree You can construct small, disposable, automated turrets.

Scum and Villainy[]

Assassin Talent Tree You do not fight fair. If you are ever caught in a straightforward fight, the odds are you are not going to make it, so your best move is to set up your attacks and use every trick at your disposal.
Blockade Runner Talent Tree One of the most valued skills a pilot on the fringe can have is the ability to blast past the authorities and not get caught.
Disgrace Talent Tree Scandal fouls your family name, forcing you to live among the fringes of society and teaching you that honor is overrated when victory is on the line.
Gand Findsman Talent Tree The Gand Findsmen are an ancient order of Force-sensitive Bounty Hunters that interpret the signs and portents they receive as a result of the complex ceremonies they perform.
GenoHaradan Talent Tree Members of The GenoHaradan are skilled not only in performing assassinations but also in manipulating others. An ancient organization dating back to the early days of the Republic, The GenoHaradan are a clandestine group of Assassins who pick their targets for political reason, though their true motives are rarely evident to those outside the organization.
Outlaw Talent Tree As an Outlaw, you live under a shadow, and everywhere you go, any time you reveal yourself, you risk being noticed and captured. As a result, you develop a number of abilities that help you escape pursuers, even when hopelessly outnumbered.
Piracy Talent Tree You use devious tactics to capture ships and victims intact.
Pistoleer Talent Tree You are a master of wielding two Pistols at the same time, and can use both Pistols simultaneously in unusual ways.
Trickery Talent Tree Charlatans are masters of misdirection, confusion, and trickery. They owe their success in double-cross to their uncanny knack for cultivating the existing beliefs of their marks and twisting them in subtle ways to their own benefit.

Clone Wars Campaign Guide[]

Collaborator Talent Tree Some Nobles learn to work both sides of the conflict in war and can manipulate their enemies into believing they are allies.
Droid Commander Talent Tree You have learned the quirks and intricacies of commanding Droids, and you can get the most out of even the least sophisticated basic programming.
Jedi Archivist Talent Tree You have dedicated your life as a Jedi to preserving knowledge and applying it in times when it is needed.
Jedi Healer Talent Tree You have focused your natural ability with The Force to heal the sick and injured.
Loyal Protector Talent Tree As a result of your station, occupation, or even just your natural charisma, you can attract one or more faithful Followers who protect you from harm.
Melee Specialist Talent Tree Your skill with hand-to-hand combat is unmatched, and you can wield Weapons with lethal accuracy and power.
Military Engineer Talent Tree You have become skilled at using and manipulating technology on the battlefield. In fact, your fellow soldiers rely on your technical expertise in the heat of battle.
Opportunist Talent Tree Profiteers, gunrunners, and privateers can use the chaos of war to make a tidy profit, and you are no exception. Your talents allow you to make the best of a bad situation, keep your pockets filled with credits, and keep you long enough to spend them.
Reconnaissance Talent Tree You have learned to work well in concert with a team to provide the best reconnaissance and cover as much ground as possible.
Republic Commando Talent Tree You have demonstrated that you are a highly skilled and capable soldier for the Republic and work well in a commando squad.
Squad Leader Talent Tree You are a capable military leader who can issue orders to a squad of soldiers with poise and efficiency.
Surveillance Talent Tree You have mastered the art of surveillance, transforming the information you gather with scouting into a distinct advantage on the battlefield.
Trooper Talent Tree In war, soldiers stand side by side against deadly foes, and you have learned how to keep yourself and your comrades alive in battle.
Vanguard Talent Tree As an expert in the art of scouting enemy formations, you are a valuable asset to any military force. Your ability to see what lies ahead on the battlefield is uncanny.

Legacy Era Campaign Guide[]

Brute Squad Talent Tree Your brutal fighting techniques give you an upper hand when operating in small groups.
Carbineer Talent Tree While Pistols offer great versatility and mobility, their range is a significant limiting factor. Thus, many gunslingers choose to specialize in long arms, especially Blaster Carbines.
Force Hunter Talent Tree Hunting Jedi is big business during the Legacy era, as the Sith-controlled Empire pays well for captured Jedi. However, given their powers and skills, Jedi are among the most dangerous prey for Bounty Hunters to pursue.
Fugitive Commander Talent Tree When a fighting force is outmanned, outgunned, and constantly on the run, only the skill and acumen of talented officers can keep morale high and prevent desertion or surrender. Fugitive commanders are skilled in the art of deceiving and eluding their pursuers.
Implant Talent Tree Some Shapers develop implants that can be placed quickly and easily, temporarily boosting the physical prowess of their beneficiaries.
Jedi Refugee Talent Tree In The Legacy Era, The Jedi are once again hunted to near-extinction. To survive, The Jedi must learn to conceal their Force Powers and blend in with the common galactic citizen.
Knight's Armor Talent Tree You are a skilled master of The Force who knows how to get the most out of your Armor.
Knight's Resolve Talent Tree You have dedicated your life to serving the rightful Emperor, and your devotion knows no bounds.
Protection Talent Tree You are specially trained to protect those around you, either by taking the brunt of attacks that are aimed at them, or by defusing dangerous situations before they occur.
Provocateur Talent Tree As a provocateur, you specialize in turning your enemies against one another, giving your allies the advantage. This is accomplished through a combination of gaining an enemy's confidence, making careful use of deception, and coordinating your allies' attacks.
Shaper Talent Tree You manipulate Yuuzhan Vong Biotech in new ways, molding it to your own ends and making it more effective.
Sith Commander Talent Tree The Sith use terror to lead their troops, and Sith commanders have few compunctions about making examples of underlings. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Sith use anger and fear of their subordinates to their own terrible advantage.
Versatility Talent Tree You are known for your ability to adapt to any situation, heedless of adversity.
Yuuzhan Vong Biotech Talent Tree Yuuzhan Vong Biotechnology remains available in some parts of the galaxy, although its legally dubious. You have become specialized in its manipulation.

Jedi Academy Training Manual[]

Beastwarden Talent Tree You have learned to use The Force to touch the minds of the Beasts, soothing them and convincing them to do your bidding.
Jedi Artisan Talent Tree You have dedicated yourself to the art of creation, learning how to craft Weapons and other items used by the Jedi with exquisite detail.
Jedi Instructor Talent Tree The role of teacher is vital to the success and strength of the Jedi Order. Though all Jedi Masters take the time to instruct their apprentices, a certain few excel at the art of instruction.
Jedi Investigator Talent Tree You are one of The Jedi Order's most trusted investigators, tasked with ferreting out truth through a combination of detective work and Force divination.
Jedi Weapon Master Talent Tree You have learned to use The Force to master a variety of weapons, and have expanded your martial prowess to cover more than just Lightsabers.
Mystic Talent Tree You have studied The Force in a radically different way from other Force-users, relying on rituals and mystic lore to harness its power.
Sith Alchemy Talent Tree You have learned the alchemical arts of the ancient Sith Lords and can create objects and creatures that are filled with the power of The Dark Side.
Telepath Talent Tree You have mastered the art of mental manipulation, using The Force to touch, read, and affect the minds of others with ease.

Rebellion Era Campaign Guide[]

Ambusher Talent Tree You specialize in springing ambushes on your enemies.
Gambling Leader Talent Tree You aren't afraid to take chances when leading your allies, and you risk defeat in exchange for a shot at even the most unlikely victories. You put yourself on the front lines to encourage your allies to overcome long odds.
Improviser Talent Tree You have mastered the ability to make something out of nothing, turning spare parts and scrap into a Sensor Pack, a Weapon, or a protective suit of Armor. You can build what you need on the fly, and sometimes your customized gear proves more useful than what you otherwise might have purchased.
Pathfinder Talent Tree You specialize in finding and creating optimal locations from which your allies can fight, and then making sure that they reach those locales safely. In combat, you use your eye for finding secure locations to pick the best spots from which to launch your attacks.
Procurement Talent Tree You know how to find just what you need, no matter how far you are from civilization or how rare the item is. If you can't find it, you make it- but most of the time you find it.
Rebel Recruiter Talent Tree You have learned that many enemies can be considered potential allies instead. You can recognize the telltale signs of a potential ally, and, rather than killing your enemy, you can bring him or her over to your side.
Recklessness Talent Tree You take risks that put you and your allies in danger but that always seem to pay off. Others call you reckless, but you know that great rewards come only from taking chances, even if they could be deadly.
Unpredictable Talent Tree You make it difficult for enemies to harm you because you're never in the place where they expect you to be. When they do manage to hurt you, you make them pay for it with sudden retribution attacks.
Wingman Talent Tree You are adept at flying in tight formations with your allies, working together with them to achieve your goals and using your vehicle to shield others from harm.

Galaxy at War[]

Advance Patrol Talent Tree Your skills at observation and stealth are frequently called upon as you gather information about enemy forces.
Anticipation Talent Tree You have studied the ways of your enemies and have learned how to read the actions and thoughts of others. You can predict what they will do, and you gain advantage over them by anticipating their every move.
Brigand Talent Tree You use your experience operating on the wrong side of the law to give you an advantage in a fight, fair or otherwise.
Martial Arts Forms Talent Tree You have advanced training in one or more martial art forms, turning your body into a lethal weapon. Although any character can practice these forms, you have the dedication and perseverance to go beyond what most beings are capable of.
Sharpshooter Talent Tree You are an expert at long-range combat, using the inherent advantage of a Rifle to win the day.
Shockboxer Talent Tree You are trained in the shockboxing fighting style and can use your fists to devastate your enemies. Although you trained for competitive Shockboxing, much of your expertise can also be applied outside the ring.
Squad Leader Talent Tree You are an expert at small-unit tactics, leading a small group of allies into battle as a cohesive unit.
Unarmed Mastery Talent Tree You have advanced training in one or more martial art form and have turned your body into a lethal weapon. Any character can practice these forms, but through dedications and perseverance you have exceeded the abilities of other beings.
Veteran Talent Tree You have been from one side of the galaxy to the other and have fought on more planets than most people visit in a lifetime.

Scavenger's Guide to Droids[]

Elite Droid Talent Tree You have become a highly advanced Droid and are among the elite units of your class.
Override Talent Tree You can take direct control over your Droid Allies for brief periods.

Galaxy of Intrigue[]

Espionage Talent Tree You use your knowledge of stealth and survival to make yourself a master of espionage and a valuable resource for those who wish to keep their hands clean in dirty situations.
Master of Intrigue Talent Tree You are a skilled manipulator and have mastered the art of working behind the scenes to accomplish your goals. Flash and spectacle are inferior tools, only suitable for those without your unique talents.
Revolutionary Talent Tree You seek to overthrow the system and are adept at being a monkey wrench in the cogs of society, but often at the cost of others' rights, freedoms, and lives.
Skill Challenge Talent Tree You excel at complex tasks and are always called upon when your allies need something done quickly and done right.
Superior Skills Talent Tree You're not just good at what you do, you're the best. Failure is but a stumbling block, and great success always follows.

Unknown Regions[]

Exile Talent Tree You have broken with your family, world, or organization and cannot rely on its aid or support. Whether forced or self-imposed, your exile allows you to adapt in new ways to the galaxy at large.
Master Scout Talent Tree You are more experienced and talented than the average Scout. You draw upon your diverse abilities to gain advantages others cannot match.
Mobile Scout Talent Tree Always mobile, Scouts have developed ways to ride and drive over all types of terrain.
Outsider Talent Tree By their nature, Scoundrels are outsiders. By blurring the line between lawful and lawless, scoundrels operate outside social and cultural norms. Eventually, they learn to make the most of their positions.
Warrior Talent Tree Warriors draw upon their natural aggressiveness, powerful bodies, and fighting abilities to defeat their enemies. Whether they fight with primitive or advanced weaponry, they are fearsome combatants.

Homebrew Talent Trees[]

The following Homebrew Talent Trees contain Homebrew Talents compatible with certain Heroic Classes and Prestige Classes. They may be used only with the Gamemaster's express permission.

Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook[]

Cloner Talent Tree You are trained in the science of cloning and gene manipulation, allowing you to create copies of individuals or animals, and modify them to suit your needs.
Law Enforcement Agencies Talent Tree Law Enforcement Agencies exist across the galaxy, some dating back thousands of years. Over time, many police units develop cultures, specialties and eccentricities unique to their jurisdictions.
Morgukai Warrior Talent Tree The Morgukai Cultists are a fierce society of elite Kajain’sa’Nikto warriors. The ancient order holds an intense hatred for The Jedi of the Republic, a rigid code of honor, and a deadly fighting skill that makes them lethal adversaries for any campaign.

New Republic Campaign Guide[]

Galactic Senator Talent Tree You are skilled with words and moving the minds of those around you to vote your way in the Senate. Your influence cannot be underestimated.
Mistryl Shadow Guard Talent Tree You are a member of the Mistryl Shadow Guard, a group of mercenaries from the planet Emberlene. You excel at Stealth and hand-to-hand combat.

New Jedi Order Campaign Guide[]

Master of the Amphistaff Talent Tree The Amphistaff is the chosen weapon of the Yuuzhan Vong Warrior Caste, though other castes are known to utilize the weapon (Excluding the Shaper Caste, whom are forbidden to use them or their progeny). 
Yuuzhan Vong Talent Tree The Yuuzhan Vong's culture and practices seem alien to even the most exotic Species, and can take advantage of their uniqueness in intricate and useful ways.

General Homebrew Content[]

Force Warrior Talent Tree You have learned to use The Force to hone your body into a powerful weapon.
Mechanic Talent Tree Your skill in mechanics allows you to better utilize and modify a variety of mechanical and electrical devices.
Science Talent Tree Technicians come in many strips, and the fields of science are vast and diverse.
Treatment Talent Tree You have learned to perform medical treatment in an exceptional manner. These techniques have allowed you to perform tasks more reliably and better than other healers.